Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar: Will Gayathri accept Muthuraj’s conditions for Aishu?

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Vijay Tv fame “Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar season 2” never fails to entertain its audience with it’s interesting plot. Earlier it’s seen that Maha alerts Mayan. Now it’s will be see that Chidambaram will ask Nachiyar to arrange Aishu’s marriage soon. Gayathri will ask Muthuraj to leave Aishu.

In the previous episode we saw; Maha asked Mayan to share with her what bothered him? Mayan informed to Maha that he doubted Muthuraj and Vadivu were planning something behind them. They were using Aishu for their plan. Mayan alerted Maha that Muthuraj created an image infront of Aishu that he started drinking for her. He feard Aishu may fall in their trap! Maha assured to him that she will take care of it. Nachiyar enquired to Maha about her office experience. Maha gave a positive reply to her. Nachiyar understood Maha’s situation. Maha tried to alert Nachiyar about Aishu but she left. Saranya lashed out at Maha for spying Aishu. She blamed Maha and Mayan were showing fake concern towards them for money? Maha advised to Saranya its her duty to stop Aishu from taking wrong decision. Kathi and Gayathri shared some times together. They discussed about their life. Mayan noticed Maha sitting in silent. Mayan teased Maha to boost her up. Maha informed to Mayan about Rathinavelu’s health condition. Maha alerted Mayan that Parvathy is in verge to confess all truth to Rathinavelu! Mayan asked Maha to help him out in this matter. Maha cried and said to him that she can’t able to live without him!

In Today’s episode we see; Maha asks Mayan to think a way to convince Rathinavelu. Maha feels like vomitting. Mayan misunderstands that Maha is pregnant. He teases her! Maha informs to Mayan that she is not pregnant but it’s food poison. Even Nachiyar and Saranya vomitted early. Chidambaram comes to meet Nachiyar. He asks Nachiyar to arrange Aishu’s marriage soon. Nachiyar says to him it won’t look good, if they arranges Aishu marriage before Saranya. Chidambaram gives a reason to her that Muthuraj won’t feel good if he see her often. Already he drinking a lot. Vadivu comes there and questions them why are they discussing about Muthuraj’s marriage without her? Nachiyar shares to her that are discussing about Aishu’s marriage. Vadivu blames Nachiyar and leaves. Muthuraj lashes out at Chidambaram for taking a move against him. Muthuraj ties his relation with him. Gayathri requests Muthuraj to leave Aishu. He asks her to give herself instead of leaving Aishu? Gayathri stares him in shock. Will Gayathri react back to him? Will Mayan confess the truth to Rathinavelu for Maha?

What will happen next? How will Aishu escape from Muthuraj’s trap? The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.