Namak Issk Ka 13th January 2021 Written Update: Iravati uses black magic to kill Gunjan.

Namak Issk Ka 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Patanga asks his wife to apply mehendi of his name,she jokes that his name is not good enough. Yug’s mother looks distracted while Rupa was telling her about Mehendi preparations. Rupa asks why is she worried? She replies everything is okay. Rupa tells her you may lie but your eyes always tell the truth.

Yug’s mother tell I don’t know what is going on in between Rony and Yug. Rupa tells I know about it and all this is because of Kahani,she tells I have talked with Yug,I will handle everything. Policeman gives milk to Lucky and tells him if your sister won’t marry Rony,I will have to kill you. He tells maybe the milk is poisoned and asks Lucky to drink it.

Kahani thinks she won’t let anything happen to Lucky and starts breaking free. She is able to open a window. Rony follows Yug by putting a tracking device on hi car. He tracks him down till the forest and his goons start searching for Yug. Yug brings food for Kahani but she attacks him with tubelight twice until he falls down on the ground. Kahani tells him she is sorry and it is very important for her to go.

Yug holds her hand and doesn’t let her go she bites his hand to escape. Yug holds her legs as she is about to escape and both lie on the ground facing each other injured. Kahani tries her best to escape while Yug holds her. Iravati tells Ravikant that today she has a gift for him. She tells I had to kill your first wife and daughter and I did not need to use black magic after that until now but now there is someone else and she has to die.

Kahani breaks a bottle on Yug’s head and he faints. She unlocks the room and escapes from there but the room caught fire. She watches the house burning with Yug trapped inside. She is about to rush in to save Yug but remembers Lucky is with the policeman and he might harm him and is caught between saving Lucky or Yug. Finally she is unable to leave Yug alone in the burning house as he is unconscious. She gets inside the burning room and tries to free Yug.

Gunjan watches video evidence of Iravati and thinks of submitting the evidence to police and get Iravati punished for her crimes. Iravati uses black magic to trap Gunjan on road. She is unable to move and a car is about to hit her. The driver is unable to control his car and is about to hit Gunjan.

Kahani carries an unconscious Yug outside the burning house with great difficulty. Patanga’s wife watches Gunjan on road and saves Her but her phone is broken in the process. Kahani is about to leave outside in the forest safely,but he holds her hand again and handcuffs her to himself. Kahani begs him to let her go and open the handcuff. Yug throws the keys away.

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