Namak Issk Ka 14th June 2021 Written Update: Yug and Gunjan get married.

Namak Issk Ka 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saroj getting call from media regarding Kahani’s interview. They bad mouth Yug while Saroj fumes. Yug says that Kahani chose justice over his love and he needs to choose his family over love. He says that he will get married to Gunjan today.

Everyone gets happy except Rupa. He drags Gunjan to mandap but Gunjan stops him. She says that she don’t want to be a scape goat in Yug and Kahani’s love story and asks if he will fulfil his duties once they get married. Yug shows her the poison bottle which he was ready to consume if Kahani doesn’t reach on time as he can’t marry anyone except Kahani. However he says that now he wants to proceed with the marriage and promises to fulfil the duties of a husband.

Gunjan and everyone gets happy hearing it. They start taking rounds. Kahani on the other hand expresses media that she will not take back her case and also states that she’s confident that Yug will not marry anyone other than her. On the other hand, marriage proceedings take place between Gunjan and Yug. Kahani leaves saying that her husband will be waiting for her. She starts running towards the house.

Yug applies sindoor on Gunjan and ties mangalsutra around her neck. Pandit announces that they are husband and wife. Kahani, on the way meets with an accident and falls unconscious. Yug is about to move away when Pandit says that they need to take God’s blessings. Yug tries avoiding it but Gunjan reminds him of his promise a while back to fulfil his duties. He gets a call and gets shocked hearing about Kahani accident. He rushes leaving Gunjan on mandap.

Rupa too rushes after him. Dadi is happy that Kahani is going to die but Raunak force her to go visit hospital. Saroj asks Iravati that she’s not involved in the accident right. Iravati laughs and tells her that it was her plan but didn’t say anything to her or Raunak as she’s weak while Raunak still has feelings for Kahani.

Kahani is rushed to ICU while Yug comes to hospital. He asks doctor about Kahani saying that he’s her husband but Gunjan stops him. She says that Kahani is his ex wife. Doctor goes to treat Kahani who’s on her death bed. Lawyer informs Ravikant about Yug’s marriage and Kahani’s accident. Ravikant prays God for his daughter’s life. Yug learns that Kahani’s condition is critical and rushes to temple. He pleasant God to save Kahani as she’s his life. He says that they both need to live with the poison of seeing him with Gunjan.

Rupa asks Saroj if she’s involved in the accident. Saroj promises on her that she’s not but Rupa says that somehow she feels her responsible if something happens to Kahani. Kahani’s pulse drops.

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