Namak Issk Ka 15th June 2021 Written Update: Kahani learns about Yug and Gunjan’s marriage.

Namak Issk Ka 15th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kahani’s pulse dropping. Doctors comes out and informs that Kahani couldn’t be saved. Rupa gets shattered while every others rejoice. Saroj is guilty as she wanted Kahani to be only out of her son’s life and not die. Rupa cries and calls Yug.

She informs about Kahani leaving them forever. Yug is shocked and the phone drops down from his hand. He says God that it is Kahani’s love that has kept him alive still and now its Kahani’s hatred which he needs to survive but he snatched that too. He demands God to save Kahani. Kahani’s pulse returns and doctors starts treating her. Yug gets call that Kahani is saved and thanks God for all that the same.

While leaving Priest says Yug that he saw people praying out of love but for the first time he’s seeing someone praying out of hatred. Yug leaves. Ravikanth learns about Kahani getting saved from his lawyer’s and thanks God. Lawyer asks him to lie that Kahani is not daughter in order to save him but Ravikanth says it can’t happen as he’s ready to get punished for his mistakes. Lawyer  tries convincing with Iravati and Gunjan but he doesn’t listen. He asks him to say to Yug that he did a mistake by marrying Gunjan.

 Doctor comes out and informs that Kahani is saved. Except Rupa, Yug and Saroj everyone are unhappy with the news. Yug tries going in but Gunjan stops him. Yug pleads her and enters inside the ward.

He looks at Kahani and holds her hand. He gets emotional and calls out her name. Kahani opens her eyes and gets happy seeing Yug. She recalls the accident and asks about his marriage. He says its done and Kahani immediately takes back her hand from his hold. She accuses him of cheating when Yug reminded about all that she said calling media.

Kahani says she didn’t call them but Yug doesn’t believe her. He says that he is ready to give love to her but she doesn’t need it while he can’t give justice to her. Gunjan calls Yug for further ritual which is opening the gatbandhan. Yug asks them to do it in front of Kahani as she missed witnessing the marriage. The ritual takes place in front of Kahani and everyone leaves. Iravati leaves taunting her while Kahani cries. Yug is standing outside the ward holding the toy when Saroj comes to him. He says that he has got everything from true love to happiness but he lost everything. Gunjan sees it.

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