Namak Issk Ka 18th August 2021 Written Update: Yug and Kahani’s plan unfold.

Namak Issk Ka 18th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Iravati telling she doubted this duplicate Kahani since the first day but no one trusted her. Yug thinks his father is not with him because he trusted her. Rupa tells why are you all so worried about Kahani when she was just a dancer for you all? Ravikant starts crying. Rupa tells Iravati she lost because she couldn’t find Kahani in 24 hours. Grandmother tells Rupa to calm down because they all are sad. Rupa tells now you will have to pretend to be sad for some days but there is no need because now Kahani is free from your hatred. Rupa tells we all are responsible for Kahani’s death and she requests police to let her visit her sister for one last time.

Iravati tells police to arrest duplicate Kahani first. Kahani tells police to find evidence before arresting her. Kahani tells police to watch CCTV footage of hotel and check who really murdered Satya. Yug tells police to finish their investigation soon and till then he will keep and eye on Kahani. Yug brings Kahani to his room and hugs her. Gunjan and Raunak hear what is going on inside.Yug and Kahani starts acting like they are fighting and he ties Kahani. Yug tells Kahani to take care and he will meet Satya now.

Flashback shows Yug telling Satya he gave a fake gun to waiter. Yug tells all police and people are his hired actors. Satya tells Iravati will think that she is dead and now only Kahani is left. Yug promises Satya to take care of her mother. Rupa tells Ravikant to find out where they have kept Kahani as she wants to see her for the last time. Iravati’s men inform her that hotel staff have left with CCTV footage for police station. Ravikant and Rupa finds out Satya is in central hospital and decide to see her.

Iravati and Raunak steal the footage from the hotel staff. Ravikant and Rupa visit Kahani and Ravikant tells the truth to Rupa. Ravikant tells Rupa that Iravati is a dancer and she took away Kahani and her mother away from her. Ravikant tells he was silent because Iravati threatened to kill his other daughter if he opened his mouth. Rupa is shocked to find about all this. Satya gets up after Rupa leaves and tells she almost died acting like this.

Yug tells Satya to come with him as Kahani is waiting for them. Ravikant tells Iravati he wants his daughter and he will give his entire property to her. Saroj tells Kahani to atleast tell the truth to police. Satya sneaks into the house and Kahani hugs her in happiness. Iravati’s men give her morphed footage of Kahani killing Satya. Satya disguises as Kahani and acts infront of Iravati not to punish her and her unborn child. The episode ended with Satya smartly switching the pen drives of evidence from Iravati’s hands.

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