Namak Issk Ka 18th January 2021 Written Update: Rony challenges Yug to free Kahani within a day.

Namak Issk Ka 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Rony tells Yug do you remember in childhood I always used to let you win. Rony tells I can loose in game but not in life and Kahani is my life. Yug tells you are already lost. Rony tells I have lost my heart and he tells it takes only one minute to tell the truth to everyone. Yug tells you cannot do so because you are afraid. Rony tells you are brave,Bahubali ?

Why don’t you tell everyone. Yug tells I am bound by Bhabhi’s love and Family’s prestige. Rony tells he feels pity for such innocent men. Yug tells him not to worry as it is war and he won’t loose. Rony asks why does he need to bring God in between. He tells the game is mine and girl will also be mine. He tells I will spend money and buy the best lawyer of this country and get Kahani out within 24hrs that is my promise to you. Yug tells him I will break your promise like this only.

Rony thinks why is the Devar-Bhabhi emotion so strong. Kahani keeps telling Yug has framed her. Police stops car as they find someone,A disguised Raunak runs away with Kahani. Kahani tells it is wrong to run away from police like this. Yug reveals himself and tells her he freed her. Kahani tells I am going to tell the truth to police. Yug tells now you are a runaway drug dealer and now no lawyer in this world can save you not even Raunak bhaiya. Kahani asks how can you stoop so low? Yug tells I don’t want to do any of these just tell me once you will leave my brother and sister-in-law alone.

Kahani thinks about Rony’s threat to Lucky and tells Yug to do whatever he wants she will cross all limits to marry Rony. Yug tells her you are a bad time,how can I leave you? He tells her I hate you so much you kept giving me reasons to hate you. He tells she did a mistake by coming into Rony’s life, she tried ruining Rupa’s family that was wrong, she did not stop even after his warning it was wrong and today I gave you last chance to improve everything but you rejected that too and this is very wrong. Kahani thinks let him hand me too police,I have did wrong to him.

Yug tells now he doesn’t care if she rots in jail her entire life. Yug leaves Kahani’s hand,she runs away from there. Police chases her. Yug tells sometimes freedom is greater punishment thn captivity. He tells now Kahani has to run and leave in fear her entire life and this is his gift to her. Rani can’t find anything to eat in the house. Kahani hugs Rani. SHe tells her we have to run or police will catch us.

Police knocks on the door. Kahani remembers Raunak running away from bathroom and she take Rani with her. Police searches entire house but cannot find her. Yug thinks what has Kahani made her do,he used to bring birds nest inside house during rain so they don’t have to face any trouble and today he made a girl homeless. Kahani thinks Yug got her arrested,she thinks she is right in her place. Y

ug thinks his soul got stained when he kidnapped her,it was stained again when he framed her in fake case and now he is stained the third time when he freed her from police custody. Yug used to be proud of himself as he was pure and he wanted to be Ram but she made him Ravana. Rani faints dues to tiredness. Kahani asks her to be strong as they need a place to hide and spend the night. Kahani wishes she could tell all the truth to Yug. Yug never wanted to hurt her,he wishes she never came in his life. Rani tells she is hungry since yesterday.

Kahani asks her to sit on a bench and buys Vada Paav for Rani but she doesn’t have money. She hands her payal but the seller doesn’t accept it. He takes the Vada Paav back. Rani looks ar weeping Kahani unable to get food for her and picks up a Vada Paav from dustbin to eat. Kahani stops her and hugs her,Rani tells her she is sorry. Kahani cries and hugs her harder.

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