Namak Issk Ka 19th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani asks Ravikant who pushed him from his wheelchair.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: No one believes Kahani, Rupa decides to stay away from Rony

Namak Issk Ka 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Saroj tells her husband’s picture when I came to this house you used to tell I am innocent but I was a fool and Yug is also like me otherwise why would he stop Kahani? Raunak enters Kahani’s room and gives her keys and asks her to escape whenever she gets chance.

Yug tells Saroj why are you talking to a picture,it is your question and I am your son ask me. He tells her if I would have let Kahani go,Raunak would have followed her so just give me sometime till I send Kahani somewhere far from here.

Raunak throws Kahani’s sindoor on floor and tells Kahani her sindoor and marriage are a lie and he doesn’t believe in it. Kahani thinks sindoor is a married lady’s prestige but she can’t expect Raunak to understand.

Kahani picks up the sindoor and Yug watches her,he tells I was checking your face is a reality.Kahani asks Yug if sindoor is like dust for you? He tells it is yours, a dancers so it is just like a color in your dance programs. Kahani tells you can never change the truth that your are my husband.

Ravikant is having seizures. Yug calls the doctor and Kahani brings water for him. Saroj breaks the glass,grandmother tells you are a dancer but water from your hand is poison. Gunjan tells Kahani to leave from there. Raunak thinks there are so many dialogues in this house. Iravati asks Kahani to leave. Yug stops her and tells her to clean the glass that was broken because of her.

Kahani starts picking up the broken glass. Gunjan and Rupa tells how can Ravikant fall on his own from the wheelchair. Iravati tells maybe he fell on his own. Kahani tells or maybe someone pushed him. Yug tells you want to ruin this house by creating confusion in this house.

Kahani tells Ravikant will tell this,she asks him who pushed you. Ravikant points at himself. Iravati tells he fell by mistake but dancers fall on your own.
Yug tells people are pushed on roads not inside house.

Kahani is holding broken glass pieced in her hands. Iravati presses her hands and it starts bleeding,she tells her you are glass and I am stone and you will break if you fight with me. Kahani’s hand is bleeding heavily. Yug applies dettol on her wounds and asks her to bear it as he is bearing her. He takes care of her wound and dresses it,OO Sajanva plays in BM. Yug tells this wound is going to heal but how are you going to heal Rupa’s wound.

Saroj tells Kahani your mistake is very big but your luck is bigger. There are people in this house who give pain to you but there are people who apply medicine too. She asks Kahani to tell the price of her silence,Kahani tells give me twenty one rupees. I will buy prasad and I will pray to God to give some knowledge to your family and specially to your younger son Yug.

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