Namak Issk Ka 19th January 2021 Written Update: Kahani sneaks in to meet Raunak.

Namak Issk Ka 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Kahani brings food for Rani,they took shelter in a old broken car. Kahani tells she will bring something good to eat next day. Rani offers the first bite of food to Kahani but Kahani doesn’t eat and feeds her instead. Kahani thinks she has to visit Raunak’s house and free Lucky. Rony tells his men to find Kahani,when Rupa comes there Rony fakes and tells lawyer to punish that girl who blamed my younger brother.

Rupa tells him to calm down and asks some cash for shagun. He drops a page while handing the cash. His son picks up the page and gets excited seeing his father’s name. Yug imagines Kahani begs him to save her,she tells him police bet her a lot why is he doing this. The servant calls him for rituals.

The ladies are returning with water filled vessels on their head. Yug’s mother is afraid whether Kahani doesn’t come here again. Iravati tells her not to worry she will take care of it.

Kahani is seen sneaking in Yug’s marriage. Rony thinks if Yug did not come in between he would have been enjoying in Thailand. Patanga jokes why is everyone carrying water vessels,is there no water in house?

Yug thinks he is seeing Kahani everywhere. Kahani calls Raunak and falls on her knees and begs for her brother. She tells she wanted to educate them,yesterday she felt very bad seeing her brother’s condition. Rony tells I won’t leave you on road,he tells why did you run away from police? I would have saved you if you didn’t run away. Kahani tells Yug freed me disguised as you. Raunak tells my brother is going to kill me one day.

Kahani tells him not to blame his brother. Yug is doing everything for Rupa,you are the culprit here. Raunak tells you seem very attached to my brother. Raunak tells I will free Lucky within minutes of our marriage. Kahani tells Yug won’t let this marriage happen. Rony gives him keys to his farmhouse and asks her to relax while he takes her of her case.

Iravati asks Gunjan not to worry as she is standing in between her and that dancer. Rony’s son made a paper plane of Rony and Kahani’s ticket. Yug’s mother picks it up and tells it is plane ticket with two names on it. Rupa takes it and tells let me see. Yug looks at Rony and understands it is Rony and Kahani’s ticket. Rony lies it is his and Yug’s foreign trip ticket. He tells he cancelled it for Yug’s marriage. Rony’s son takes it away for playing.
Yug thinks of taking the ticket away from Harsh before anyone else sees it.
Iravati tells she will bring Gunjan’s bangles.

Kahani is sneaking out of house. Iravati looks at Kahani’s payal and understands she was here. She calls the commissioner and tells Kahani is here and asks the police to come fast.

Iravati drags Kahani out of the house. Everyone looks at her shocked.

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