Namak Issk Ka 20th April 2021 Written Update: Suraiya starts working on her plan.

Kahani to Challenge Gunjan: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler
Kahani to Challenge Gunjan: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler

Namak Issk Ka 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saroj reaching the dancer’s house for whom her husband left her. We see the dancer getting ready. Saroj enters the house and a girl asks her whom do you want to meet? Saroj tells she wants to meet Suraiya Begum,Suraiya tells I didn’t recognize you so Saroj turns behind and stares at her. Kahani asks Yug if he told everything to Gunjan? Yug tells he tried to but he couldn’t. Kahani tells love will make it’s own way and tells Yug to have food. Saroj tells Suraiya I am the one whose husband was stolen from her by you. Suraiya tells when she wears ghungroo she keeps her head held high and beauty has power to touch the sky and you are asking her to bend? Saroj tells I am not here for my husband today but for some other work.

Saroj tells my son is also falling for a dancer just like a father and it is my bad luck that they got married. Saroj tells my life got ruined and a wife remained silent but a mother won’t stay quiet. She opens her bag and takes out money. Kahani and Yug feed each other. Saroj tells Suraiya you have to make my son understand that dancers can’t handle relations and family and you have to explain to that girl that if she leaves her son she will play with money her entire life. Suraiya tells the work will be done,she asks Saroj you didn’t tell your husband’s name to me?

Yug tells Kahani I will make everything alright soon and we won’t need to meet by hiding like this. Saroj tells Suraiya I did not come here to tell my husband’s name,I came here to tell you to separate Yug and Kahani. Kahani thinks she will tell Yug that she is his childhood friend when his family will accept her. Gunjan comes looking for Yug but he hides behind the door with Kahani. Gunjan is about to leave from there but Yug sneezes and she comes back.

Gunjan finds Kahani in Yug’s room and asks her what is she doing there. Yug is hiding outside the room and Saroj asks him why is he hiding from Gunjan? Gunjan tells I am unable to find Yug. Kahani tells her not to worry he maybe somewhere around. Gunjan tells my Yug got lost in the house and today he was riding bike so carelessly and I know this is your effect and when you leave from here this effect will fade. Kahani thinks love is about accepting not about changing. Suraiya calls Kahani and tells why you are trying to finish Yug’s hapiness and calls her to meet in evening. The episode ends with Yug getting a call from Suraiya and she tells him to come to a place if he wants Kahani’s safety. Saroj tells she will forgive Suraiya if she can save Yug.

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