Namak Issk Ka 20th January 2021 Written Update: Rony makes a deal with Yug to free Kahani.

Namak Issk Ka 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Iravati drags Kahani outside and Yug catches her. Patanga drops the water vessel of rituals on them accidentally. Gunjan shouts at Kahani what is wrong with her? What does she want? She tells Kahani do you want to break my marriage with Yug? Iravati tells you came here and your ghungroo broke now I will break you. Police come there to arrest Kahani. A guy hands some reports to Yug, he asks the policeman to stop. Yug tells the policeman you cannot take this girl with you, he hands the report to police and tells police it was not drugs but sugar so you cannot arrest her. Kahani is about to thank Yug but he tells her to leave from there silently and never return.

Iravati and Gunjan ask Yug why did you save this girl from police? Yug tells because she saved Rupa’s life and for me bhabhi maa is everything. I just returned the favor she did on me by saving Rupa’s life.

Rupa shows the ticket of her and Rony to Bangkok. She asks Kahani what is this and why were you going to foreign with Rony? Kahani doesn’t answer her and tries to leave from there. Rupa asks her the truth. Kahani remembers Rony’s threat about Lucky and doesn’t answer. Rupa tells I was wrong to expect the truth from Kahani After all a Kahani is a story.

Yug is playing carrom and tells Rony your queen is gone. He tells her your queen is Rupa, not Kahani. The flashback shows Rony begging Yug to free Kahani. Yug asked a small favor in return. He asked Rony to promise him that he will never leave Rupa and Rony promised him. Rony thinks let the deal break but not his heart. Yug asks him did he forget the deal? Rony tells he won’t forget easily as he eats 21 almonds daily. Yug tells I didn’t win but your and Rupa’s relationship did. Yug tells if I can get the queen out I can get her back in.

Rupa calls Rony to meet him in storeroom. Rupa is there with Kahani and the ticket. Rupa asks Rony to explain the ticket to her,she says she is asking Kahani since so long but she is not answering. She asks Rony to tell her that he is helping Kahani get a job. Rony tells he was about to leave Rupa and the family with Kahani to marry her in Thailand. Rony tells I am not joking and I am going to marry her. Rony tells her I don’t love you even a little and I love Kahani she is my true love,I love her. Rupa is in shock and fall down listening to all this,Kahani runs to save her but Rony holds her hand.

Rupa tells where will she go now? Rony tells her she will cry a few days and thn you will forget me. Rupa tells Kahani you could have asked for my life I would have given you but you took my husband. Kahani tells I don’t want this sin on my head please return my Lucky to me. She tells I never did bad for anyone. You are doing bad to all of us,please don’t do all this. Rony tells why do you think Yug freed you? I did a deal with him. Rony tells I did so much for you why don’t you let me marry you? Go home and prepare for marriage,I have sent wedding gift for you. Go and check it tell me if you like it.

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