Namak Issk Ka 21st July 2021 Written Update : Satya to create drama in front of the groom’s family.

Namak Issk Ka 21st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yug asking Satya where did she go? Satya tells she went to meet doctor because you wanted so. Yug hugs Satya and she hugs him back. Back at home the guys family have came to watch Juhi. Everybody is very happy and Iravati signals the lady to start the drama. She asks about Kahani. Satya and Yug come home and Satya starts her acting by insulting the grooms family. She gives them gifts and tells them they are very expensive and tells she was joking. Rupa tells Satya to come inside but she asks where is Gunjan,she tells Gunjan is not bad from heart but she is always after husband.

Kahani decides to send a message to Yug so that it gets sent as soon as she gets network. Kahani texts Yug that Iravati has kidnapped her and to save her. Gunjan snatches phone from Kahani. Kahani tells Gunjan to let her go,she knows that Gunjan is not evil like Iravati. Gunjan pushes Kahani and threatens her. Satya continues to insult the family in front of the groom’s family. Yug tells Satya what is she doing? Satya tells Gunjan loved Yug since childhood but Yug fell in love with her.

Yug is about to read Kahani’s text but is shocked to see Satya dancing in front of the grooms family. Everyone is shocked at her act and stares at her. Satya tells she was a dancer before marriage and this family has long history with dancers. Satya tells her father-in-law left her mother-in-law for a dancer. Satya tells she is just telling the truth to everyone.

Grandmother tells they have not accepted Satya as their daughter-in-law yet so she is just taking insult. Satya tells Saroj,Juhi has learned from you that even if your husband leaves you she won’t leave her husband. Saroj leaves with Juhi. Grandmother apologised to the groom’s family. Yug tells Satya will apologize. Kahani tells why should she apologise because she is a dancer? The groom’s family leaves from there. Saty everyone should thank her but they are getting angry on her.

Yug asks Satya why is she doing all this? He asks her was it necessary to do all this drama today? Iravati tells now she won’t say anything because Kahani is Yug’s wife and grandmother is the eldest so they can make the decision. Grandmother tells Yug to make some decisions or she will have to decide.

Kahani wishes Yug to read her message and save her. Saroj breaksdown crying. Saroj thinks about Kahani’s call and Satya telling her that her husband was wrong. Saroj thinks her husband left her but the tears he gave her are loyal and still with her. Yug brings Satya to bedroom in anger and asks her to answer why is she doing all this. The episode ends on a shocked face of Satya thinking what to do next.

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