Namak Issk Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Lucky and Rani get Yug and Kahani married again.

Namak Issk Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Lucky asks Yug why is he here? Yug tells I am here to take you to my house. I and Kahani are married now so you will also stay with us now. Lucky thinks Yug married Kahani forcefully so he picks up a vase to hit Yug. Yug calls Kahani,Lucky tells Yug his beard is so wierd. Kahani warns Yug not to harm Lucky and Rani. Yug asks does he look like a kidnapper,Lucky says yes and tells Kahani not to worry he will come to rescue her. Yug tells Kahani he wants to bring Lucky and Rani to her. Lucky tells Rani is not at home she went to buy samosa. Yug tells we will pick her up from the shop. Rani gets scared and runs away from them. Yug and Lucky follow her. Lucky is unable to breathe,Yug takes care of him but Rani hides behind a tree.

Kahani calls Yug and tells you have only two minutes,I will call police if you don’t bring Lucky and Rani home. Rani starts running again but Kahani come there and hugs her. Rani tells Yug has kidnapped Lucky and he wants to kidnap me too. Lucky tells he just looks like a kidnapper now he is Kahani didi’s husband. Rani asks Kahani to prove she is married,she asks her where is her mangalsutra? Kahani lies that Yug will give her mangalsutra after 15 days. Rani drags them to a temple and gives Yug and Kahani garlands and ask them to marry again.

Rani tells I couldn’t watch your marriage so marry again. Flashback shows Yug and Kahani’s marriage. Lucky asks Yug to give his handkerchief and he does Yug and Kahani’s gathjod and asks them to marry now. Yug and Kahani exchange garlands.

Rani gives sindoor and tells Yug to apply it or she will run away again. Kahani tells Yug they are even more stubborn than me so please apply sindoor once again. Yug applies sindoor on Kahani’s forhead. Rani prays to God to keep Kahani and Yug together always. Lucky asks Yug and Kahani to hold hands. Rani tells we had only one sister and we had so many plans for her marriage but we couldn’t do anything. Yug holds Kahani’s hand and walk as Rani and Lucky shower flowers on them. Oo sajanva plays in BM.

Iravati asks Saroj Yug has forgotten my Gunjan but has he forgotten his house too? Why hasn’t he returned yet? Grandmother taunts she doesn’t know about her husband what will she know about her son. Yug and Kahani enter the house with garlands. Lucky gets scared looking at Raunak. Everyone looks shocked.

Iravati asks Yug why is he getting married again and again? If Gunjan drops another tear I will reduce pages from Kahani’s life. Yug tells Iravati to give him some time he will explain everything to her. Yug asks Kahani to go in with kids. Raunak tells Grandmother he doesn’t agree with Yug bringing Kahani’s family home. Yug tells he doesn’t want any argument on this topic. Grandmother tells Yug is in Kahani’s control,he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Yug tells he has no answer for any questions now. Rupa asks Gunjan to let Yug stay alone for some time. Raunak thinks his mind is Ara ki Ari and when it will work Yug’s plan will flop. Lucky and Rani ask Kahani if she is happy? Kahani thinks she is happy that she didn’t have to marry Raunak. Lucky thanks Yug for supporting Kahani in front of the family.

Kahani tells Rani and Lucky are here now and I think I should return to Ara with Lucky and Rani. Yug tells I already told you I will decide your return.

Lucky tells Jiju is very nice he will get me treated. Raunak asks did you miss me? Lucky tells this my Jiju’s house,I am not scared of you. Raunak tells you just got married now,so why are the kids going to sleep in your room? Raunak calls everyone down. Kahani asks what is he doing? He asks what is going on? Can’t you look at Gunjan she has emptied her eyes crying. Gunjan tells Yug your intentions are very clear. Yug asks what is she saying?

Yug tells after marriage wife stays with husband. Gunjan tells it matters,if you consider her your wife than do if completely or ask her to leave right now.

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