Namak Issk Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Raunak instigates Harsh to push Lucky.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Family berates Rony, Yug manhandles Rony and end his madness by marrying Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Raunak tells I cannot understand what is going on,tell us clearly atleast for Gunjan. Gunjan tells Yug has made his intentions very clearly by keeping Kahani in this house. Yug tells after marriage wife stays with husband only. Gunjan tells Yug to accept Kahani as his wife completely or ask her to leave right now. Iravati tells if we leaves mites for too long they eat up the entire house. Grandmother tells Kahani to leave the house. Yug tells Patanga that Lucky and Rani will stay in guest room and Kahani will stay with me in my room. He picks up Kahani and takes her to his room.

He asks Kahani to sleep silently here. Kahani tells since the day you met you tried to kill me,you behave with me like an animal. Yug tells Kahani this blame is also your,he locks the room from inside. Gunjan looks at the gift Yug gave her for the first time,she remembers her memories with Yug and throws all his gifts. She tells how can I stay calm that dancer stole away all my happiness.

Iravati tells Saroj to explain to Yug. Saroj tells what can I do? I had to stay silent for Yug and Ravikant. Rupa tells I trust Yug completely,whatever he is doing he has some plan in it. Gunjan tells my marriage also broke,my heart also broke and my faith also break. Iravati tells I don’t have patience and nothing is going to be right but I will give you some days to explain to your son.

Iravati tells it is women’s weakness that they cannot keep their husband in control. Iravati tells Gunjan that she will finish the reason behind her tears.

Kahani snatches Yug’s phone and tells him to stop backbitching about her. Yug tries to take his phone from her. Oo sajanva plays in BM. Kahani tells continue insulting me and starts throwing pillows at him.

Iravati takes her book of black magic and tells today she will make Kahani bleed. Yug’s potrait starts to fall as Gunjan is throwing pillows at Yug but Yug saves her from getting her in the last moment. Iravati tells Kahani’s luck is too good,she has to do something.

Kahani tells how did the potrait fall. Yug tells it maybe the work of some ghost. Lucky and Rani are enjoying their new bed. Rani tells everyone is angry now but we can give them flowers and make them happy in morning.

Harsh tells he will become friends with Lucky. Lucky tells he brought flowers for everyone but he will not give it to Raunak. Raunak tells Harsh to push him,he asks Harsh does he remember how was Yug talking with Kahani? If Kahani is not good how will her brother be good. He tells if you want to become like you Yug uncle go and push me. Harsh pushes Yug and Lucky falls down and starts crying.

Kahani tries to wake Yug but he is sleeping so she throws a jug of water on him and runs out. Iravati and Grandmother supports Harsh. Kahani tells you are giving such nice lessons to your kids.

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