Namak Issk Ka 24th February 2021 Written Update: Kahani tries to find out her father’s name.

Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Ravikant finds out Kahani is his daughter, Iravati manipulates Gunjan
Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Ravikant finds out Kahani is his daughter, Iravati manipulates Gunjan

Namak Issk Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Kahani asks Lucky why is he crying? Is he hurt? Lucky tells Harsh pushed me. Iravati tells you could have taught manners to your brother and sister. Grandmother tells you are teaching your kids to decorate stage and we cannot even speak. Rupa asks Kahani to go inside with the kids. Gunjan tells Yug to ask what were they doing with the flowers. Lucky tells we brought flowers to make everyone happy. Kahani tells you all should think before yelling at everyone.

Lucky tells we brought such nice flowers but our plan failed. Ravikant is happy to see the kids,he takes flowers from them and hug them. Kahani overhears Saroj telling Yug to send Kahani away within 10 days. Rani tells this uncle is very good,Kahani takes Ravikant inside his room and tells you were telling me you know my father so can you please tell me his name. I know you cannot speak so please write his name as I have very less time. She gives him a pen and diary.

Gunjan tells Yug why is he so worried about Kahani? Rani tells why are you calling him a cheat won’t he even look for his wife. Yug asks Lucky and Rani where is Kahani. Ravikant writes me on the paper but Kahani is unable to understand what he is trying to say.

Iravati slaps Kahani. Yug asks her why did she leave her room? Iravti tells you are Yug’s desire so stay with him only. She pushes Kahani and Saroj asks her how dare she come inside the room? She tells him to stay within Yug’s room. Iravati tells if she crosses her limit her life will be limited. Iravati tells if Kahani tries to bother you again ring the bell.

Yug tells Kahani to get ready,Lucky and Rani will also come with them. Kahani thinks if she didn’t have to find about her father she would have left long ago. Kahani tells once I leave from here if anyone tries to touch me I will break his hand. Kahani keeps ranting and Yug listens to her. Yug asks her why isn’t she ready and why is she crying? Kahani tells I am not your wife so don’t order me.

Lucky and Rani tell Yug to help Kahani get ready or they won’t come with him. Iravati tells Dolly to find out what was Kahani doing with her husband. Iravati tells I couldn’t teach my daughters how to keep their husband in control. She tells there are two ways of loving sacrifice and stubbornness. She tells them to proof that they are Iravati’s daughter. Dolly tells even my mother said that women has to become a cage to trap their husband’s love.

Yug helps Kahani get ready. Oo sajanva plays in BM as he makes her hairstyle. He makes her wear necklace,earrings and applies bindi on her forehead. Gunjan watches all this from outside and runs inside her room and cuts her wrists thinking about Yug with Kahani.

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