Namak Issk Ka 25th December 2020 Written Update: Cham Cham saves Rupa’s life.

Namak Issk Ka 25th December 2020 Written Update on

Cham Cham looks at the shooter taking aim at Rupa. She makes a run to save her. She throws Rupa on ground and Rupa faints. Yug runs to catch the shooter but Rony stops him. Yug tells he won’t leave the shooter alive. Rony wants to leave from their to escape Cham Cham. Rupa tells this girl saved me,Iravati asks Cham Cham if she is okay.

Rony asks Yug to go inside,he will catch and bring the shooter. Cham Cham starts telling entire story of how she saw a shooter and ran to save Rupa. Yug sees blood on her hand,Cham Cham faints on seeing the blood and falls in Yug’s arm. He carries her inside the room. He thinks of all the bad words he said to her. Rupa cleans Yug’s coat of blood. Yug says this could have been your blood,you could have been hit. Rupa tells she is alright,that girl saved my life.

Today I am under burden of that girl,I don’t know what would have happened if she didn’t come in between. The doctor gives painkillers to Cham Cham as her wound is deep. Yug’s mother praises Cham Cham and prays for her speedy recovery. Gunjan asks why would someone want to kill didi? She has never harmed anyone. Iravati gets scared imagining Rupa in Cham Cham’s place. Yug tells once I find that men I will ask him myself.

Iravati says bullet may have been shot at my daughter but it was meant to hurt me. I will take his life. Yug asks her how does she know this? She tells because there could be no other reason that is why they targeted my daughter. Iravati throws her phone in anger. Yug’s mother brings cold water for Iravati. Iravati remembers the waiter,she recalls him as Thakur’s men but doesn’t tell anyone. She tells when a dog barks at a lioness it is time to finish their life.

Iravati calls her men and asks them to search and bring the shooter to her. Yug asks Rupa to rest and he will take care of Cham Cham. Rupa tells this girl was insulted a lot in this house still she saved my life. Someone sacrificing their life for a stranger I have seen this for the first time. Rupa asks Yug not to scold her again. Yug keeps thinking of all bad things he told her. Cham Cham has a dream about her childhood accident and wakes up with a shock. Yug tells the doctor has asked her to rest in soft voice.

Once he shouts at her and then he remembers Rupa asking him not to scold her and softens his voice. Cham Cham tries to leave for Lucky and Rani but faints in Yug’s arms. Naina tose lage re plays in BM. Yug carries her to bed. Rony eats idli from a street vendor,he gets a call from Roopa. She asks if he ate anything,Rony lies he won’t even drink water until he catches the shooter. Roopa asks him to come home soon,Rony tells he wont return without the shooter and cuts the call.

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