Namak Issk Ka 27th July 2021 Written Update: Iravati apologizes to Satya.

Namak Issk Ka 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Iravati telling Yug to tie Kahani’s mouth. Kahani tells whatever happened,Gunjan is responsible for it. Kahani tells Iravati and Gunjan forced her to do everything. Grandmother asks Iravati what is Kahani telling? Kahani asks Gunjan to speak if this is the truth? Everyone asks Gunjan to speak. Gunjan tells this the truth. Iravati tells Kahani is trying to blackmail Gunjan. Satya thinks Iravati was about to blame her now she will see her Hollywood style drama. Satya tells now no one would question Gunjan but they will always question her because she is a dancer. Satya leaves from there and starts packing her clothes. Yug comes there and stops and asks what should have he done? Rupa tells she can understand everything,she asks Yug to think if Kahani could do all this?

Rupa tells Gunjan has lied before too and she is very stubborn. Rupa apologizes to Kahani and asks her where did she leave? Satya tells Gunjan blackmailed her so she didn’t knew what to do. Raunak and Saroj ask Iravati if all of this is true? Iravati tells first she will talk with Gunjan alone and drags her inside the room. Iravati asks Gunjan to tell her what happened. Flashback shows Satya telling Gunjan to work according to her plan or she will show the message that Kahani sent to Yug to everyone.

Iravati tells she underestimated Satya. Iravati thinks if Satya files a case against her Ravikant and Bheesan will also expose her past crimes. Satya tells Saroj she just wanted her love and what she got only insults in return. Saroj asks if Gunjan really threatened to harm Yug. Satya gives Gunjan’s phone to Saroj and asks her to check it for some evidence.

Iravati tells there is no need for it,Gunjan did all this for Yug and Kahani is innocent. Raunak and Rupa scold Gunjan. Yug tells he forgave her many times already and now her mother went to jail for her but now she will go to jail. Gunjan begs Yug not to send her to jail. Saroj tells Gunjan is daughter of this family and she won’t go to jail. Yug tells Saroj she is wrong,when Kahani was accused you were about to send her to prison so now Kahani will decide what happens with Gunjan.

Iravati holds Kahani’s leg and apologizes to her. Iravati thinks from today her life’s last day have started. Kahani tells her not to apologize and she feels there is no need to send Gunjan to jail. Satya tells Iravati if she tries to trap her again she will take out her gun. Rupa blesses Kahani to be happy forever. Iravati tells Gunjan she will take revenge from Satya.

Iravati asks Gunjan if Satya knows Kahani is in basement? Gunjan tells she doesn’t know about it. Satya brings food for Iravati and picks up her keys from there. Satya threatened Iravati and tells her to beware from her. The episode ends with Satya telling now she will find out who is inside the basement.

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