Namak Issk Ka 29th January 2021 Written Update: Yug finds Rupa and Raunak’s divorce papers.

Namak Issk Ka 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Yug asks Kahani to tell what she came to tell with Patanga. Kahani lies she wanted to thank him for saving his life. Yug tells so why did you bring Patanga with you to gain his sympathy? I feel ashamed that you will stay in my house till tomorrow. Kahani stops Yug and tells today for at least one day can’t you stop all this insults? At least one day you can talk with me without getting angry! Yug tells hatred for you in my heart is so deep that it won’t fade not even for one day. Juhi comes there singing today is my brother’s marriage, she tells Yug now I will create dhamal in all function. Juhi tells Yug, this dancer looks so pretty and innocent.

Kahani tells I pray so much to you and I can’t even cry openly. I am so unlucky that I don’t have right over my own tears she prays to God to return Rani and Lucky to her as she doesn’t want to steal Rupa’s husband. Yug finds divorce papers of Rupa and Raunak signed by both of them. Yug thinks maybe Rupa found out about the Rony and Kahani. He decides to talk with Rupa to find out the truth. Kahani tells she will try one last time to save Lucky and Rani. Kahani overhears Rony telling Lucky and Rani are very near to her. He tells his password is Kahani’s birth date.

Yug’s mother cracks a joke and his grandmother tells it was a very bad joke. She asks did she talk with Iravati about leaving this house. Ravikant was ill so we supported them but now they should leave the house. Iravati asks what are they talking about? Yug’s grandmother tells I was explaining to her that society is very bad now so be careful.

Yug tries to talk with Rupa in private but his sister drags them near everyone. Harsh starts a dance performance and later Kahani takes over and dances. Everyone enjoys her performance but Rupa doesn’t seem Interested. Yug looks worried with divorce paper in his hands. Kahani dances around Rony and steals his phone, she looks at the picture in his phone and realizes Lucky and Rani are in this house.

Kahani searches for Lucky and Rani everywhere in the house. Dolly tells Raunak has told not to go in store room as pipe broke there. Kahani rushes towards that room.

Yug asks Rupa where did this paper come from and why are there your signatures on it?

Kahani finds the store room but Raunak comes out and asks what did you think you will fool me so easily? Are you looking for Lucky and Rani, he shows the two kids lying in a pool of blood. Kahani breaks down crying and finds they are dolls. Rony threatens her next time it won’t be just dolls.

Yug asks Rupa what is she hiding? Rupa asks where are the divorce papers?
Yug’s grandmother finds the paper and calls Iravati.

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