Namak Issk Ka 29th July 2021 Written Update : Iravati’s plan of calling Lucky and Rani home to expose Satya fails

Namak Issk Ka 29th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satya telling Dolly to take the kids to guest room. Lucky asks Rank why Kahani did not hug them,is she not happy? Yug tells Kahani is ill now. Satya asks Kahani about the kids and Kahani begs her to let her meet Lucky and Rani. Iravati hears Kahani calling Lucky and Rani’s name thinks how she came to know about it.

Yug brings balloons and toys for Lucky and Rani but they are sad that Kahani is not happy to see them. Iravati tells Rupa Kahani doesn’t seem happy to see Lucky and Rani. Raunak asks Iravati why does she seem happy today. Yug asks have they seen Kahani? Raunak tells did she run away again,was she a deer in previous birth?

Satya apologizes to Lucky and Rani and tells she has someone to meet them. Satya calls Doctor to meet Lucky and tells he is the best lung specialist of city. Iravati tells Satya she will send her back to Darbhanga. Satya tells now it is not in her hands. Satya tells Iravati now what are you going do? Iravati throws water on her face and tells her to cool down. Satya tells her she will burns Iravati’s place down.

Yug tells Satya that doctor said Lucky’s lungs have damaged a lot and now we need to do transplant. Yug tells her not to worry he will handle everything. Satya asks what would be the expense? Yug tells her to take care of Lucky and not to worry about money he will take care of everything.

Satya tells Kahani that Iravati was outside when she was shouting to meet Lucky and Rani. She tells her about Lucky’s lung transplant and that Yug asked her not to worry about it. Satya tells you are very lucky that you have a partner like Yug and now you have me. Saroj tells Iravati it would be better if you talk with Kahani.

Iravati tells Kahani one of the best lung specialist is in city hospital. Satya gets worried her mother is also in the same hospital. Rupa thanks Iravati for thinking about lucky. Gunjan asks Iravati if her plan will work? Iravati tells today her plan will work when Satya’s mother identify her in front of everyone.

Rupa asks Iravati why is so worried? Iravati tells she is worried about Lucky. Rupa praises her and tells she has a big heart. Rupa tells Gunjan she has to understand that Yug is of only Kahani. Satya thinks her mother will start crying on meeting her after so long and her game would be over.

Yug tells Satya not to worry about Lucky and come to hospital. Yug tells doctor gave a good news so we should celebrate. Satya mixes sleeping pills in everyone’s juice. The episode ends with Satya thinking once everyone is unconscious she will go to hospital meet her mother and explain everything to her.

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