Namak Issk Ka 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Iravati tries to kill Kahani.

Namak Issk Ka 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Yug thinks everything is going on right but stills nothing seems right why is it so? Rupa dresses Kahani as a bride and tells I am giving my husband to you,keep him safe. Iravati enters Rupa’s room and tells I didn’t expect this from you Rupa but I expected this from you Kahani. Rupa tells if you tell the truth to everyone Gunjan’s marriage will break please don’t inform everyone.

Iravati tells Gunjan is my heart but you are my life and I cannot sacrifice my life for my heart. Iravati presses Kahani’s neck,she tells today I will finish this drama forever. Rupa ties Iravati’s hand and asks Kahani to tie her legs quickly. Rupa ties her mouth as Yug’s mother is nearing to her room. Iravati struggles to break free but Rupa manages to hide her. Yug’s mother takes Kahani with her disguised as Rupa.

Yug and Rony take their positions in the mandap. Gunjan and Kahani sit besides them in goonghat. Yug tells when everything is right why am I feeling something is very wrong. Kahani looks at her key and Yug looks at his lock. Iravati tries to break free,Patanga unties her. He tells he heard Panditji reading mantras and he couldn’t find Iravati anywhere so he came here to find her. Iravati tells you did good but now you have to do one dhamaka for me.

Patanga mixed explosive in Puja’s material which creates a lot of smoke. Iravati kidnaps Kahani from the smoke and asks her men to take her away. Everyone is shocked at the marriage hall to find Rupa missing. Iravati tells Rupa is in her room I will bring her back. Yug gets suspicious.

Rupa is crying thinking about Raunak’s words. Iravati tells smoke can never be captured,I have sent the trouble far away from here. She tells I have kidnapped Kahani from the mandap,she tried to take your place in Raunak’s place now you will take her place in mandap. Iravati tells I have sent her in the forest where she will definitely die. Rupa tells I will tell the truth to everyone. Iravati tells if you tell the truth Yug won’t marry Gunjan so it is best for you to dress as a bride so marry your husband again.

Kahani tries to break free from Iravati’s men. She manages to escape from them and runs away as they follow her. Yug keeps thinking about Kahani. Panditji start reading mantras. Panditji asks bride and groom to stand for Feras. Rupa thinks this is wrong,I want my sister to marry Yug but not at the cost of Kahani’s life.

Iravati’s men surround Kahani. She hits a stone and falls unconscious. Rupa falls down while taking feras. Yug carries her back to room. Raunak tries to stop Yug from removing her Goonghat as he fears Kahani’s truth might be revealed. He gets shocked to find Rupa in Kahani’s place.

Iravati’s men put Kahani inside a coffin and bury her.

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