Namak Issk Ka 30th April 2021 Written Update: Iravati tells everyone about Yug and Kahani’s marriage.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug and Kahani to ditch Gunjan?

Namak Issk Ka 30th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kahani telling Yug is already worried so let me relax for a while. Kahani tells Yug to come with her outside with him. Gunjan tells why would Yug go with you? Kahani tells Iravati will answer your questions. Raunak tells Iravati why are you silent today? Kahani tells Iravati will tell you when she wants to and leaves with Yug. Gunjan asks Iravati where did you find Yug? Grandmother asks Iravati if she will speak anything? Rupa tells neither Kahani said anything nor Iravati. Yug asks Kahani what happened? Kahani tells it will be very difficult for you to believe what she will tell him next.

Kahani tells everything to Yug in details. Gunjan tells Kahani took Yug in front of everyone and no one said anything. Ravikant thinks maybe Kahani found out Iravati’s truth. Kahani tells Yug that Iravati has become a danger for your family. Yug tells how can you say all this things in today’s world? Panditji brings a piece of the broken glass bottle in which Yug was captured and asks Yug to try and remember. Kahani tells she blamed Yug twice for trying to kill her but he could not remember because Iravati was making him do all this.

Kahani tells she did not want to involve Yug in all this but Iravati has become a danger for his family. Yug tells he has to talk with Iravati. Panditji tells your family won’t be able to believe what you saw. Yug calls Iravati. Iravati thinks Kahani might have said everything to Yug. Yug tells Iravati how did he disappear and how did Kahani got wounded? He tells Iravati to tell everyone what she did with his love and trust.

Yug tells everyone that Iravati has superpowers to control anyone and she used those powers to capture me. Yug tells Kahani risked her life to save me and this is Iravati’s truth. Iravati tells Saroj when Yug was young we used to take him to school and you used to tell he will become a scientist. Iravati tells Yug has become a puppet for Kahani. Iravati tells Kahani’s beauty has captured you Yug. Yug tells Iravati you are doing the wrong the thing by hiding your truth. Iravati denies all the accusations and tells everyone Yug has married Kahani and if someone cannot believe as Saroj. Raunak tells there might be some misunderstanding. Iravati tells Yug used to love Gunjan so much,how could he marry Kahani?

Gunjan asks Yug how could he do this? Yug tells he loves Kahani and holds Kahani’s hand. He tells Gunjan he is sorry but he cannot live without Kahani. Yug tells he was about to tell this to everyone. Yug tells Saroj you asked me to leave the house so I was sneaking out of the house with Kahani but today I will leave in front of everyone forever. Rupa tells Yug you cannot leave the house like this. Yug tells Rupa to take care of herself and he tells whatever he told about Iravati was the truth and if they don’t want to believe it is their decision. The episode ends on shocked face of Iravati.

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