Namak Issk Ka 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Iravati plans to kill Kahani.

Namak Issk Ka 3rd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satya telling she is the real director behind this movie. Flashback shows Karan trying to break into Yug’s house to meet him. Satya asks him if he is married? Karan tells he will do anything she says if Satya can make him meet Yug. Satya tells she will make him meet Yug and make him an actor. Satya tells Karan to marry Gunjan and call his mother as he will get married in next 24 hours. Kahani is breaking the wall and thinks she will break any wall that will come between her and Yug. Iravati comes there but Kahani hides the hole and pretends to sleep. Iravati tells she will kill Satya first and then Kahani.

Yug is staring at Satya and she thinks why does he keep trying to romance with her she is not his wife. Saroj comes to Yug’s room and tells today Iravati made a mistake. Yug tells Iravati keeps making mistake. Saroj tells maybe Kahani should apologize to her because she is elder. Saroj tells Kahani it is the duty of a wife and daughter-in-law to maintain peace in house. Satya tells Saroj not to worry she will talk with Iravati because her family is most important to her. Saroj thanks her and tells her she is really very understanding. Satya tells it’s late we should go to bed. Yug thinks why does Kahani keeps running from him and has changed so much.

Iravati tells today is Mahashivratri and all married ladies fast for their husband. Iravati apologize to Satya in front of everyone. Iravati tells today we should do something good to please Lord Shiva and asks Kahani to do Tandav. Everyone agrees and asks Kahani to do it. Satya gets worried how will she do so because she has no idea about it. Satya makes an excuse and leaves from there. Karan tries calling Kahani and is unable to reach her and he doubts her plan.

Satya tells Kahani that Iravati has asked her to do Tandav in front of everyone and asks Kahani to help her. Kahani tells Satya to open the door and she will tell the truth to Yug. Kahani tells Satya to trust her she won’t let her mother’s treatment stop and finish Iravati’s game. Satya tells she is a cheat and she doesn’t trust anyone so she will not open the door. Yug tells Rupa that Kahani is behaving very strange nowadays and he feels Kahani doesn’t love her.

Yug asks Kahani if she remembers when they met the first time? Satya is unable to say anything. Yug tells her does she remember Tandav or did she forget that too? Satya leaves from there to meet Karan. She assures Karan he is still in the movie. She tells Karan to do another drama. Iravati mixes poison in juice and tells today Satya will get caught and Yug will find Kahani’s dead body. She tells Gunjan to keep the juice in fridge and wait for right time. The episode ends with Gunjan telling she will do it.

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