Namak Issk Ka 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Yug tries to save Kahani’s life.

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Namak Issk Ka 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Yug is about to call doctor but Rupa stops him. Yug asks Gunjan to call the doctor. Rupa tells I was acting as I wanted to tell you something important, Kahani’s life is in danger.

Iravati tells Raunak I know whom you are calling,he gets scared but she tells him I know you are calling the doctor. Raunak tells yes I will call the doctor. Iravati thinks I will punish him after marriage.

Rupa tells Yug to save Kahani,she creates a fake story that some goons from Ara kidnapped her because of money. Iravati listens to Rupa and thinks you used a good idea but you won’t be able to defeat me. Yug tells I will bring medicine for Rupa. Gunjan tells him to return quick as she is waiting for him. Rupa thinks she will save both Gunjan’s marriage and Kahani’s life with this lie. Iravati ties a black thread to Yug’s hand.

Yug reaches the jungle and looks for Kahani. Kahani is inside a coffin. Yug shouts her name and she shouts for help from within the coffin. Kahani tells to save her life she is beneath the ground. Rupa calls and ask Yug did he find Kahani? Yug promises her to find Kahani.

Yug prays to God for some help as he is loosing hope. He finds Kahani’s payal and begins digging the ground. Rupa tells she is fine and she wants to talk to Raunak about something. Raunak asks him where is Kahani? Rupa tells goons from Ara kidnapped Kahani. Raunak tells you are lying,I know you want to marry me so you are creating all this fake stories. Rupa tells him If I wanted to marry you I wouldn’t have faked unconsciousness. Raunak tells okay I will give you one last chance.

Yug finds the coffin and brings Kahani outside. Yug asks her to get up and tries to wake her up. Tears from his eyes falls on Kahani’s face. Iravati tells the guests Rupa fainted so there is little delay we will begin the marriage soon again. Rupa tells I want to talk something important with badi didi.

Yug picks up Kahani and brings her to his car. He thinks when Kahani is in pain my tears come out,why does she seem innocent even when she is enemy. Raunak texts Yug about bringing Kahani home to him. Yug thinks he has fulfilled his promise to Rupa so now he won’t take her home instead he will take her back to her home.

Rupa asks Iravati how can she kill someone? Iravati tells no one can stop my desires. Rupa tells you drew a sword and I presented my shield. Yug is my shield and he will save Kahani.

Yug thinks Kahani’s are always fake but he wishes this one was true. Kahani gains consciousness and asks Yug what is he doing here? Yug asks her who are these men that hate her so much that they buried her in ground. Yug tells her be grateful that Rupa told me to save you in time.

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