Namak Issk Ka 4th February 2021 Written Update: Yug tries to kill Kahani.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Will Yug marry Kahani?

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Kahani asks what was the need to save me? Yug tells it was my bhabhi maa’s request to save you. He tells her to think about her brother and sister. Yug tells I brought you home safely my work is done. Kahani asks why did he bring her here? She asks him to take her back to the marriage. Yug tells you won’t come to my house.

Iravati takes out her black magic box and starts controlling Yug. She orders him to kill Kahani. Yug gets hyptonized and tries to kill Kahani. Iravati starts suffocating. Kahani fights back and tries to escape. Yug ties her legs and hands. He brings kerosene and throws it all over the house. Kahani asks him why is he trying to kill her? Yug sets the house on fire with Kahani tied inside. Kahani shouts for help while trying to break free.

Yug walks away and sits in his car. Gunjan tells Ravikant everything was so good since morning but I am so scared now. Rupa tells Gunjan not to worry everything will be alright. Three of them pray to God. Kahani tells God she is not afraid to die but who will save Rani and Lucky. She prays to God to help her.Crowd gathers outside her house.

Iravati faints and the thread she tied on Yug’s hands falls down. He doesn’t remember burning her house. People from crowd saves Kahani.

Rupa tells where is Kahani? Yug tells she is alright. Raunak asks Yug why didn’t he bring her here? Rupa tells why didn’t you bring you? Yug’s mother tells everyone is waiting for you so please hurry.

Kahani keeps thinking about Yug trying to kill her. She can’t believe Yug tried to kill her. Kahani tells herself she can’t be weak,she have to save Lucky and Rani. Raunak tells Rupa I want to marry Kahani and I am going to bring her.

Panditji tells Feras can resume only after 15 minutes. Raunak is about to leave to bring Kahani but his mother stops him. He tells her I want to tell you something.

Kahani enters there with drummers. Yug remembers warning her not to come to his house. Kahani remembers Yug killing him. She tells she will dance till marriage begins. Kahani hands note to Rupa while dancing. She tells her we have to act soon. Rupa gives to Raunak and he drops it accidentally.

Yug tells Kahani he didn’t expect this from her. Kahani tells this is what I should have told you. Yug tells I will do it again if I have to ,he tells her to stay away from his brother and bhabhi . Kahani tells we have one thing in similar,you tried to destroy me for your family and I am ready to be destroyed for my family.Kahani tells he crossed all his limits for Rupa and now she will show him her limits for Lucky and Rani.

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