Namak Issk Ka 4th May 2021 Written Update: Kahani to sacrifice for her love.

Namak Issk Ka 4th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with police telling Gunjan they want to record her statement. Gunjan tells me getting shot was an accident. Police tells Iravati told us Yug shot you. Gunjan tells me and Yug love each other a lot and Yug cannot think of shooting me even in his dreams. Iravati tells Kahani if you try anything Gunjan will tell she gave the statement under pressure of Yug and she tells Kahani not to forget Iravati still has gun with Yug’s fingerprint. Raunak tells Yug your life would have been ruined if Gunjan told the truth. Everyone taunts Yug. Raunak tells ask Kahani whom you are going to shoot next.

Rupa tells Iravati all this is not good. Iravati tells Rupa to show the paper of abortion to Yug because Yug trusts you the most. Rupa tells Kahani saved my life she cannot do this to her. Iravati tells if Gunjan cannot get Yug she won’t be able to live. Iravati tells Rupa to decide if she wants to choose her younger sister or Kahani and tells her to show the papers to Yug. Rupa tells Yug to come with her and shows him the register. Nurse tells Kahani came here and got aborted in front of me.

Kahani tells she is ready to become a toy for Yug. Kahani tells she is lucky that she found true love and she also has the chancs to sacrifice for her love. Kahani tells she wants to see Yug happy even if he will hate her. Kahani tells God to give her the strength to lie to Yug. Yug shows the register to Kahani and asks her what is this? Yug asks her did she really get aborted? Kahani tells yes. Yug asks who was the father of child? Kahani tells it was Raunak’s.

Saroj slaps Raunak. Raunak tells he has no idea what she is telling. Saroj tells she doesn’t even know whom to hate. Grandmother tells Kahani is the worst. Kahani tells she is telling the truth. Iravati tells Raunak to accept his mistake. Raunak understands all this is Iravati’s plan and tells Kahani what was the need to tell all this today.

Yug tears the register and tells truth comes out on it’s own someday and leaves from there. Iravati tells Saroj, your husband left you for a dancer and you lost both your sons to another dancer. Dolly tells Gunjan about Kahani’s abortion. Iravati tells Gunjan smile suits her. Rupa tells let us take Gunjan home. Iravati tells we should question Kahani too. Gunjan tells she wants to meet Yug once. Iravati tells Yug will come to you. The episode ends with Raunak taunting Kahani for killing his child.

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