Namak Issk Ka 5th May 2021 Written Update: Kahani returns home.

Namak Issk Ka 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Yug stepping out of his car. Yug sits and thinks about Kahani accepting getting aborted and confessing it was Raunak’s child. He remembers his marriage with Kahani and cries. Yug tells those moments were lie,her love was a lie and Kahani was a liar too. Rani holds Kahani’s hand and tells these people are very bad we should leave from here. Iravati and Rupa bring Gunjan inside the house. Iravati is about to close the door but Kahani stops her. Iravati asks Kahani did she forget the deal? Kahani tells she lied to save Yug not to go away from him. Grandmother tells we don’t have a third son for you to ruin. Kahani tells she will stay here only and enters the house.

Ravikant sits on his own and points his finger towards Kahani. Saroj tells Kahani she has never seen a shameless girl like her. Kahani tells you can tell me anything mother. Saroj tells aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Kahani asks what about your son? If she is shameless what his Raunak? Raunak tells he has become like a potato and no talk is finished without him. Gunjan tells all this is Kahani’s fault. Kahani tells everyday you all keep taunting me and telling me to send me out of this house and she keeps repeating she won’t go anywhere. Iravati tells women can accept being cheated on but men cannot. She tells Yug will send Kahani out of the house when his returns. Kahani tells she will leave if Yug asks her to.

Rupa tells Gunjan to take rest. Gunjan tells she is sure Kahani might have trapped Raunak. Gunjan tells your husband’s mistake saved your sisters life today. Rupa leaves from there. Gunjan calls Yug and tells Kahani has came home and she is not leaving from here. Raunak asks Rupa isn’t she angry on him? Rupa tells she doesn’t care anymore. Raunak thinks there is something wrong. Kahani tells Rupa she wants to tell her something. Kahani tells everyone in this house makes me feel like a stranger except you. Kahani tells she has always considered Rupa as her elder sister. Kahani tells Rupa she will always keep the blame Rupa gave her.

Rupa tells she placed the blame because Yug doesn’t believe anyone else. Rupa tells Kahani you were always right. Kahani tells you killed my self-respect but you are my elder sister so you are forgiven. Kahani and Rupa hug each other. Iravati tells Yug Kahani has returned home. Yug tells them to wait for him and goes inside angrily. Kahani is staring at Yug’s picture.

Yug throws the picture from her hand and brings Kahani down. Raunak thinks once Kahani is alone he will turn the lie into truth. Yug tells since the day he married Kahani he has right over her and the episode ends with Yug telling he doesn’t care about what happened in Kahani’s past.

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