Namak Issk Ka 8th March 2021 Written Update: Yug finds Kahani’s keys.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler Kahani to declare herself as Yug’s wife and Rajput’s daughter-in-law, See New Promo

Namak Issk Ka 8th March 2021 Written Update on

Patanga watches sitting alone and crying,he tells cry as much you want but whatever happened today it is good atleast today Kahani realized that she is not wrong in her husband’s eyes. Yug tells Kahani is definitely right in her place but her place in this house is wrong and I have to send her out. Rani tells Kahani that Yug is crying on terrace. Kahani is about to meet Yug but Dolly tells her to come with her.

Saroj tells Raunak to enjoy as it is all his mistake. She tells we are all looking for solution. Raunak tells please find the solution hurry. Saroj tells Raunak to apologize to Rupa and make place for himself again in her heart. Saroj tells him not to make another mistake or his relationship will shatter forever. Raunak tells he will try his best. He thinks now it is my turn and I will break Yug and Kahani’s relation. Dolly shows Kahani mitti ka chulha and asks her to cook on it.

Kahani tells what will she do now? Yug asks her to leave from here. He tells you cannot stay in this house,I promise you that Raunak won’t bother you anymore. Kahani tells my decision hasn’t changed I won’t leave this house. Yug tells you can give me any punishment you want. He tells Yug can die but he won’t turn aways from his words. Kahani tells him to hug her and if he cannot do so no need to give such big dialogues.

Yug pulls Kahani in an embrace as Iravati watches from outside. Kahani tells from today he will eat in Kahani’s kitchen and he isn’t allowed to cry anymore. Iravati tells she will give Kahani whatever amount she wants to leave this house. Kahani tells you tried to make Yug kill me but today he hugged me. She tells I know no one will believe me so I haven’t told the truth to anyone.

Yug thinks he will keep more money in Kahani’s purse and she won’t realize it. As he keeps money in her purse,Kahani’s keys falls down. Yug picks up the keys and thinks if this is the key to his lock,is Kahani my childhood friend? Yug prays to God and he wishes that Kahani is his childhood friend. He is glad and rushes to check if his lock opens with Kahani’s key.

Key falls down from his hand and Kahani’s picks it up. Yug asks her to give him the key but Kahani doesn’t want her truth to come out in front of Yug so denies. Yug asks Dolly to hold Kahani and he rushes to his room for bringing his lock. Kahani tries to run away but Dolly holds her. Yug brings his lock and tells Gunjan that Kahani maybe his childhood friend. Ravikant is happy and takes the keys from Kahani and gives it Yug. Yug puts the key in his lock and the episode ends on him trying to open the lock.

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