Namak Issk Ka 9th April 2021 Written Update: Yug takes a shocking step to prove his love.

Namak Issk Ka 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yug removing Kahani’s blindfold. Yug asks her why did she leave without telling? Kahani tells your family members might be happy,this is what they wanted. Yug tells I have come here to tell you what I want,should I? Kahani tells him we decided that till you can’t find the answer of what I am to you we won’t talk. Yug tells I have found the answer,you are my friend with whom I want to spend my entire life. Yug tells you keep fighting with me,you don’t let me speak,you close door on my face but you scold me to take medicine when I am ill. He tells Kahani when you laugh,it feels like time has stopped. He tells Kahani I love you. Kahani tells people like to dance and sing but you like to tell I love you. I cannot listen to this words from you,you kept breaking my trust,I did the foolishness of trusting you and I won’t do it again. Kahani tells you will prove me a liar again and no one will believe that I was not trying to win you.

Kahani tells Yug to leave and send Rani to me because she cannot believe his love. Yug tells if you cannot believe my love I will go away from this world but I will be glad that atleast for a moment I could make you believe in my love. Yug throws kerosene on his car and sits inside the car and sets the car on fire. The car starts burning and Kahani rushes towards the car. The girls stop Kahani from going near the burning car. Kahani frees herself and brings Yug out of the burning car.

She tells what is this madness? Yug tells this is love and I can do anything to prove it,I can die but I cannot leave without you. Kahani tells him to shut up,she tells I don’t even know since when I am in love with you. Kahani asks will you forget me tomorrow? Yug tells he will support her forever. Kahani tells him to give her lots of love and hugs Yug.

Kahani tells now you are mine and says I love you to Yug. Saroj gives Gunjan jewelleries and tells her to promise that only she will remain in Yug’s future. Saroj tells I was taught to keep my eyes low in front of my husband,I kept my eyes so low that I didn’t even realized when my husband left me but I won’t let that dancer take my son away from me. Yug tells Kahani no one can separate you from me now so let us go home. Kahani tells I am your wife but I am a burden for your family. Yug tells what happened to my stubborn Kahani who kept fighting with everyone? Kahani tells I was trying to prove the worth of my sindoor to them and I stayed back because Ravikant could help me find my parents.

Kahani tells I don’t want to break your house. Yug tells the question is of my life and I want to spend my life with you. Kahani asks what will Saroj do when you tell her about all this? What about Gunjan and Rupa? The episode ends with Yug telling Kahani I don’t know what to do but I know whatever we do,we will do it together.

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