Namak Issk Ka 9th March 2021 Written Update: Yug removes sindoor from Kahani’s head.

Kahani to Challenge Gunjan: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler
Kahani to Challenge Gunjan: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler

Namak Issk Ka 9th March 2021 Written Update on

Yug tries to open the lock but the key doesn’t turn. Kahani thinks this is the sweetest memory of my childhood too but Yug has to wait a little more before finding out the truth. Flashback shows Kahani changed the key when she ran away from Dolly. Kahani tells I already told you this key is of no use to you. Yug tells I will remember dancers keys only open locks not memories. Rani tells Kahani it is bad to lie so why did you lie to Yug? Why did you change the Kahani? Kahani tells Gunjan’s hope would have broke if the truth came out,I can sacrifice this much for her love.

Yug tells today he felt his childhood friend is near him and the feeling of meeting her made him so happy. He tells one day he will definitely her and till then she will stay in his memories and the lock will stay with him. Raunak asks Yug what if Kahani was your childhood friend? He tells I know you are angry on me,he tells Rupa has shed so many tears for me and even if I went I can’t return it to her.

Raunak tells that is why I am telling you even you won’t be able to return Gunjan’s tears so learn from my and father’s mistake. Saroj tells this time Raunak is telling the truth. She tells Yug you saw half my life has been spent in crying and Gunjan is in similar condition so save her and prove you are different from your father and brother. She tells Yug to think and do something.

Kahani tells Yug do you think I am a fool? You put money in my purse and I won’t realize? I don’t want money from anyone and especially not from you. Kahani asks today you are not fighting with me,is everything ok? Yug tells if I keep you with me the world will say I am like my father,why don’t you leave me? Why are you forcing me to be your husband? Kahani tells did you forget that you married me forcefully.

Yug tells I will remove the sindoor I put in you forhead and he pours a bottle of water on Kahani and removes the sindoor from her forhead. Some priests come to house and tells we have brought Mahadev’s prasad for everyone and sindoor for married ladies. Kahani tells to apply the sindoor to her and says apply this much that no can remove it.

Kahani tells Yug a married lady can fight with anyone to protect her sindoor. Yug tells Mahadev that I have been doing such things which I can never imagine so please so me the right path. Rani tells God is sending you signals but you are unable to understand. You met Kahani in Mahadev’s temple,Kahani found you in Mahadev’s temple and today when you tried to remove her sindoor Mahadev’s devotee came and applied sindoor to her. Can’t you understand you were wrong so go and apologize to her.

Yug tells sorry to Kahani. Kahani tells is this how rich people apologize? Yug tells to give him the axe,he will cut the wood for her. Kahani tells promise me that you won’t try to remove my sindoor. Yug tells he won’t give it his name either. Kahani thinks your and my relationship is not of name but of mind. This sindoor might be your bad luck but now this is my luck. She thinks you will never hold my hands but she won’t leave this sindoor her entire life.

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