Namak Issk Ka: Can Kahani escape from Iravati?

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is on a interesting track as Iravati is using Satya to create distance between Yug and Kahani. Kahani is trying to escape from Iravati while Yug thinks Kahani is behaving strange as she is suffering from PTSD after what Raunak did to her.

In the last episode we saw Kahani stealing Gunjan’s phone to call Yug but is unable to find network. Satya thought she will go to hospital and meet the doctor. Satya told Yug to park car and she will start shopping. Kahani tried to find network ane tries calling Yug. Satya came to hospital and tried to get in but the security stops her. Satya does drama and threatens the security to let her in Everyone is glad at house for Juhi’s marriage and decided to keep Kahani out of it.

Gunjan told Iravati that Kahani is very ill and she might die soon. Iravati told today Satya will create a big drama and Yug will send her out of the house. Iravati told Kahani told me what she was about to tell Saroj but Satya will tell that in a twisted way. Gunjan told Iravati she understood her plan with Satya but what will she do with Kahani? Yug gets worried for Kahani and started looking for her everywhere.

Iravati told Gunjan to keep Kahani alive. Saroj came there and shocked Iravati and Gunjan. Gunjan asks Saroj if she overheard everything? Saroj didn’t hear their conversation and tells Kahani is missing.
Yug took help from police and tells them to help him find Kahani. Satya met the doctor and he asked her to continue the treatment. Satya decided to carry on Iravati’s plan for her mother.

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