Namak Issk Ka: How will Gunjan stop Yug and Kahani?

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Colors show Namak Issk Ka is going to take a turn with Kahani and Iravati making a deal to save Yug from prison. Can Yug find out the truth before it is too late?

Gunjan tried to kill Kahani with a gun. Yug tried to save Kahani and Gunjan gets shot accidentally. Juhi balmed Yug for Gunjan’s condition. Iravati called Yug a criminal and stops him from leaving.

Police comes and tells they want to record Gunjan’s statement. Kahani thought of saving Yug by changing the fingerprint on gun. Iravati found about Rupa trying to abort her kid and she found out that Rupa registered her name as Kahani and she decided to use this information for her advantage.

Iravati tells Rupa to take a picture of the register where she wrote her name as Kahani. Yug tries calling Kahani but she doesn’t pick up the call. Raunak tells today he will talk with you and you have to listen. Raunak tells today when you are in love with Kahani isn’t out family’s name getting ruined? Raunak tells you have become a professional groom and marriage has become your career.

Kahani returns to the house and starts looking for the gun. She finds the gun lying on ground and is about to pick it up but Iravati picks it up with a handkerchief. Iravati tells it is useless to try and save Yug now. Iravati tells she wants to make a deal and tells according to this papers you got aborted a few days ago. When Yug will ask you about it you will accept getting aborted and you will tell him that Raunak was the father of this kid.

Will Kahani accept Iravati’s deal?

How will Yug react to this shocking news?

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