Namak Issk Ka: How will Kahani react to finding out Ravikant is her father?

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Ravikant told Yug that Kahani is his childhood friend and Kahani changed the keys. Yug asked Kahani why did you do so? Kahani told she did not want to use her friendship as Yug knew only young Kahani.

Kahani told Ravikant so much happened with her and people tried to kill her but he did not stand up but today when his family had to leave he stood up. Kahani told Ravikant you want to use me,you are not my father just because you gave birth to me. Ravikant told Kahani he is her father. Kahani told now she will do case on Ravikant.

Iravati asked what case will you do? Kahani told she will file a report that Ravikant married Iravati without legally leaving her mother. Kahani told Ravikant to stay prepared she will make him pay for her mother’s tears also.

Yug and Saroj tried to stop Kahani. Ravikant told he will go to police and accept whatever punishment law will give him. Iravati gets scared what if Ravikant tells about Iravati pushing the car in past. Gunjan and Rupa stops Ravikant. Iravati told him to think about his daughters.

Ravikant slaps Raunak when he tried to insult Kahani’s mother. Rupa tried to stop Ravikant. Ravikant told Iravati even you made a lot of mistakes but now is not your time.

Rupa and Gunjan tell they will die if Ravikant goes to prison. All the family members apologizes to Kahani and try to stop her from going to police station.

Kahani asked Yug you were about to kill me a while ago but now when it is about your family’s prestige you want me to forget everything? Yug asked Kahani to do this for his family and for him.

Kahani told till today whatever she did was for Yug and his family but now she will fight for her mother. Yug told Kahani to stop and tells her if she steps out of the house she will break all the relations. The episode ended on Kahani’s shocked face.

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