Namak Issk Ka: Kahani or Mother? Whom will Yug choose?

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk Ka’s is witnessing everyone’s trial to separate Yug and Kahani. But to fans happiness and god’s blessings no one is able to separate them. Even Suraiya and Iravati failed. But Saroj, Gunjan and Iravati has not accepted defeat till now. Let’s see what happens next.

In the last episode, Yug woke up and got shocked to see Gunjan beside him in the bed. Gunjan got happy and told Yug, Kahani and Saroj that she got intimate with Yug last night. But Saroj and Gunjan’s happiness faded away when Yug and Kahani told them that they about their plan in advance.

Yug showed everyone the video, which proved that nothing happened between him and Gunjan last night shocking Gunjan and Saroj. The video also showed that Gunjan thought to blackmail Yug. Saroj and Gunjan left and Kahani told Yug she cannot share him with anyone.

Yug assured Kahani that he is hers. Both Yug and Kahani decided to reveal their marriage truth to Saroj and get a solution from her. Saroj slapped Yug on his and Kahani’s when they told her that they already married each other. Kahani asked Saroj for a chance to prove herself as a good daughter-in-law.

Saroj told them that she already was aware of their marriage and was waiting for truth from Yug. Yug again told Saroj that he loves Kahani and she cannot separate him from her. Saroj made Yug recall her pain from past which a dancer gave her by snatching her husband from her.

Saroj told Yug that his dream to have Kahani as his wife will ruin their family’s respect. She requested him to repeat his father’s mistake. Yug tried convincing Saroj that Suraiya and Kahani’s only profession is same not personality. He also told Saroj that he cannot live without her and Kahani as both of them are important for him.

Yug told Saroj that he cannot break the promise he made to his wife Kahani. He cannot leave Kahani like his father left her. Saroj refused to understand Yug’s love for Kahani. Saroj stopped Yug from telling the truth to family. She asked Yug to leave with Kahani. She further told him that she will get Gunjan married somewhere else and transfer Yug’s share of property to Gunjan.

Saroj threatened Yug telling him that she will break her relation with him and gave him a choice to choose between her and Kahani. She also told him to leave with Kahani next day, otherwise she will kill herself. Kahani hugged Yug and tried handling him.

In the further episode, Saroj will throw tea made by Kahani and insult her. She will also ask Gunjan to avoid her.

When will Saroj understand that not Gunjan but Kahani is the right match for Yug? Whom will Yug choose Kahani or his mother?

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