Namak Issk Ka: Kahani to get injured

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk Ka’s is witnessing a crucial track where Yug is not ready to leave Kahani at any cost. In Iravati’s absence Saroj is trying her best to separate Yug and Kahani. When Gunjan failed in seducing Yug, Saroj played a big card on Yug and asked him to choose between her and Kahani.

In the last episode, Gunjan and Saroj tried making Kahani jealous and angry by telling that Yug and Gunjan got intimate with each other. But to their bad luck, Yug proved that nothing happened between him and Gunjan.

When Yug and Kahani confessed their marriage truth to Saroj, Saroj slapped Yug hard. Both mother-son tried get them on their side, but in vain. At last Saroj asked Yug to either leave with Kahani without share in property or stay with her and Gunjan.

In the upcoming episode, at dining table Daadi will scold Rupa. Yug will come downstairs with Kahani’s hand in his hand. He will tell her that now onwards he will do whatever he wants to.

Yug will ask Kahani to serve tea to family. Gunjan will talk ill about Kahani and Yug will give her befitting reply. Kahani will serve Saroj the tea but the latter will throw whole tea tray and say that now they will shift to another side of the house.

Gunjan will say that division of house will never stop. Yug will calm Kahani by telling her that soon everyone will accept them. He will go to Saroj and try to convince her to accept Kahani, but all his efforts will go in vain.

Kahani will think that she is too breaking Yug’s family just like Suraiya broke in past. She will try to talk to Yug about this but he will ask her to leave him alone for some time. Yug will stop Kahani from leaving the house and tell her that they should leave the house together.

Kahani will not agree to Yug’s decision, but Yug will convince her somehow. Other side Saroj will get intuitions of something bad to happen. Yug with Kahani and Rani will be about to leave the house but will disappear somewhere suddenly. Kahani will get tensed and search for Yug desperately.

Family will ask Rani about Yug but she will seem clueless. Yug will not be found and family will ask Kahani was Yug leaving the house with her. Kahani will tell everyone the truth that no one was accepting Yug and her relationship that’s why they took the decision to leave the house. Kahani will doubt Raunak, Iravati and Saroj behind Yug’s disappearance. Saroj will slap Kahani and the latter will look at former with a questioned look.

When will Saroj understand that not Gunjan but Kahani is the right match for Yug? Is Iravati back?

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