Namak Issk Ka: Karan to blame Satya.

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is now moving according to Satya’s plan of getting Gunjan married to Karan. Satya is trying to convince the family members that Karan is a good guy to marry Gunjan. Kahani has started working on her own plan to escape from Iravati’s clutches. Iravati is sensing something wrong about everything going around and decides to find out. Keep Watching this week to find out if Kahani will escape from Iravati ?

In the previous episode Kahani and Satya swapped places to let Satya meet her mother. Karan told Satya that doctor is going to mail her reports to Yug. Satya told Yug she went to visit the doctor and shows him prescription. Iravati told doctor has sent blood test reports to Yug so let us check now. Yug checked the report and told everything is ok. Satya remembered Kahani telling her that she is her sister. Ravikant showed Kahani picture of her and Satya. Satya asked her why did he leave them? Satya told him if he would have tried maybe both his daughter would have been with him today.

Ravikant told Satya he knows he has always disappointed her,he couldn’t support her when she got Raunak arrested. Satya lashes her anger out at Ravikant. Satya is still in doubt it he his her father. Satya thinks she will leave as soon as her mother is well.

Satya came to meet Kahani and told her she is not a cheat. Satya thanked Kahani for saving her mother’s life. Satya told she has seen world but how can Kahani be so good? Kahani told love saved her. Satya told she wants one last chance to meet her mother and after that they can swap places. Satya told Kahani their blood group is same and maybe they are really sisters. They hear footsteps and Satya told Kahani to wait fo her she will return next day. Iravati made Yug and Rupa doubt Satya. Karan told Yug that his wife’s intentions are not good.

In the upcoming episode Yug tells Rupa that he trusts Kahani but the girl inside the house is not his Kahani. Yug tells Rupa that he will bring his Kahani back.

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