Namak Issk Ka: Rupa will promise to unite Yug and Kahani?

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk ka has witnessed some major twists and turns in the storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Iravati spiked Gunjan and Yug’s milk to get them united but Rupa spoiled her plans. Now it will be seen that Rupa will promise to unite Yug and Kahani while Saroj will confront Yug.

Previously we have seen that, Iravati my spiked Yug and Gunjan’s milk for them to get intimate. Rupa heard her planning and decided to stop it at any cost. She made Kahani drink half the milk while the remaining was drunk by Gunjan.

She took Gunjan to her room while Kahani fainted in Yug’s room. Gunjan and Rupa had a heart to heart talk and Rupa put her to sleep. The lawyers came to meet Iravati while Rupa wondered if she did right.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yug will take care of a dizzy Kahani while Kahani will try to move away from him. He will her hurt with her behaviour and will regret marrying Gunjan. They both will share their heart feelings as Rupa will lock the door from outside. They both will sleep on the same bed.

Next day, Saroj and Iravati will find Gunjan in another room and will fume that their plan is flopped. Rupa will take Kahani out of Yug’s room before anyone could notice. Gunjan will say Saroj and Iravati that Yug said he needs time to accept the marriage. Saroj will confront regarding the same while Rupa will explain the plots happened behind her back to Kahani. Rupa will promise Kahani ti stand by her side in her fight and get back her Yug.

Will Rupa manage to unite Yug and Kahani? Will Yug pay for his foolish deed?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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