Namak Issk Ka: Satya plans to get Gunjan married to Karan.

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Colors TV show Namak Issk ka is on the track of fight between Satya and Iravati. Satya was obeying Iravati’s orders for her mother’s treatment but when Iravati decided to double cross her Satya decides to teach a lesson to Iravati. Soon Satya is about to find Kahani and viewers are excited to find out what twist will the meeting of two sisters bring in the story.

In the previous episode Iravati planned to expose Satya in front of everyone by taking her to hospital where her mother will identify her. Satya plans to give sleeping pills to everyone in juice and explain everything to her mother from before. Satya made everyone drink the juice but Gunjan and Iravati force her to drink it too.

Satya reached hospital but Iravati is already there and she calls Yug and Rupa to come to hospital. Satya started singing and hints her mother to stay quiet. A thief stole Iravati’s purse and starts running. Yug followed the thief but a new guy Karan stopped the thief and helps get Iravati’s purse back.

Satya invited Karan home for tea. Karan told he is here to become an actor and he is from Amritsar. Rupa told Satya to find out about his family because she thinks he is a good match for Gunjan. Satya showed Yug audition video of Karan and asks Yug to give him one chance. Yug pulled Satya close to him and gives her a kiss. Satya started blushing and ran away from there.

Iravati came in the room and brought food for Kahani. Kahani identified her without even looking back and tells a dancer can identify another dancer easily. Kahani made fun of Iravati’s threats. Iravati told Kahani she is about to die soon. Kahani requested Iravati to give her a picture of Lord Shiva to pray during her last few days and Iravati agreed.

In the upcoming episode Satya will plan to hurt Gunjan so that Karan can save her and become friends with Gunjan. Will Satya be successful in her plan of getting Gunjan and Karan married?

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