Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Dadi Maa to insult Saroj by asking her to become a dancer

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Dadi Maa to insult Saroj by asking her to become a dancer

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness a huge twist in the upcoming episodes. This new twist will rejoice viewers as now they will witness new life of Yug and Kahani as a married couple. Viewers will get to watch Yug and Kahani’s love-hate marriage relationship in the episodes ahead.

In the current track viewers are watching that Yug married Kahani and forced her to stay as his wife in world’s and especially Rony’s eyes. Rupa confronted Yug to not force himself in an unwanted marriage.

Kahani tried to run away by opening her ties, but Yug caught her and tied with bed again. He fed her food and medicines and went o couch to sleep. Kahani once again in night tried to run away and again got caught by Yug. To escape, she hit his head with vase and ran downstairs, but her conscience made her return back and bandage injured Yug.

After Bandaging when she tried to escape, she steeped on something and got shocked to see Yug’s lock shaped locket which can be opened by the key with her. This pedant revealed Yug a Kahani’s best friend who she was searching for years and who was his courage and hope.

After revelation, she even got angry with god for whatever she suffered and is suffering. She recalled that Yug in Childhood told her that his father and her father were good friend. Kahani thinking about everything decides to stay in Rajput house and find out about her father.

On one side Dadi Maa taunted Saroj for thinking about accepting Kahani as her daughter in law. On the other side Iravati tried to calm and provoke Gunjan against Kahani at the same time. Gunjan in anger revealed that she knows Iravati in past tried to kill her father Ravikant. Iravati stood shocked hearing Gunjan.

We in our earlier reports of “Namak Issk Ka”, shared the new promo, which showed Kahani dressed up in heavy jewellery and saree, she declares herself as Yug’s wife and Rajputs’ daughter-in-law. See Promo:

Now according to show’s latest precap, in the upcoming episodes Yug will find Kahani sleeping near house temple and thus he will carry her to the room, when god’s blessed chunri will fall on them. Next Morning, Dadi will be seen taunting Saroj for accepting Kahani as her daughter in law. She will scream and say, “You accepted a dancer as your daughter-in-law, now i will make my daughter-in-law a dancer” and will throw ghungroos towards her and ask her to wear them. Yug will get angry seeing and hearing this.

How will Kahani make her place in Rajput house? Will Gunjan join hands with Iravati or Rony? Will Ravikant’s health improve with Kahani in Rajput house? Will Kahani bring Rani and Lucky to Rajput house too? What will be Harsh’s reaction on knowing the truth about his father and mother’s relationship?

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