Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Distraught Rupa to commit suicide? Yug to push Kahani from terrace? See Promo

Namak Issk Ka Pics
Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Distraught Rupa to commit suicide? Yug to push Kahani from terrace? See Promo

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Namak Issk Ka is witnessing High Voltage Drama, where whole family of Yug and Gunjan are unaware of Ronny’s bad deeds. Yug is the only one aware of everything but he doesn’t know that Kahani is very much innocent in all this and helpless to ask for anybody’s help. Now in the upcoming episodes story will take a huge turn that will change lives of many people in the show.

In current track viewers are watching that Kahani sneaks in Yug’s house and talk to Rony. She tries to convince him to stop his nonsense and return her brother. Raunak being adamant to get married to Kahani refuses to return Lucky and hand her the Keys of his farmhouse. Iravati catches Kahani in the house and calls police.

In the upcoming episode viewers will get to watch that before police’s arrival, Iravati will push Kahani to humiliate her but Yug will catch her and by mistake the holy Pooja water meant for bride groom will fall on both Yug and Kahani. Gunjan will also get angry on her and humiliate her a lot in front of everyone, she will even spit out some harsh words.

Police will arrive to arrest Kahani and to everyone’s shock Yug will save her from getting arrested. Family members will get angry on him and put a lot of questions, to which he will reply that he just paid her favour as she saved his Bhabhi Maa’s life, which is most important for him. Rupa will confront Kahani over the truth as she will get hands on the international flight tickets with Kahani and Rony’s name on it. Kahani will once again appear helpless and ask her to question Rony.

Both brothers will meet, where Yug will remind Rony of their deal. Yug will ask Rony to forget Kahani and continue his relationship with Rupa as per their deal. But Rony will still think in his mind to marry Kahani by hook or by crook. Even when Rupa will call and confront him somewhere in front of Kahani, he will shamelessly expose himself in front of Rupa. He will also ask her to forget him as he loves Rupa only.

Rupa being unaware of Kahani’s innocence will get very hurt hearing all this and accuse Kahani of snatching her husband. After Rupa’s exit Kahani and Rony will argue with each other and then Kahani will walk out helplessly.

Colors recently released a new promo of ‘Namak Issk Ka’ for its 22nd January’s episode. The promo shows that a distraught Rupa will try to jump off from terrace but Yug will save her on time. Yug will be very angry and blame Kahani for everything. He will push Kahani from the same terrace in his rage. See the Promo below:

If sources are to be believed Yug and Kahani will soon get married to each other soon. Even Yug’s all marriage ceremonies are being done with Kahani not Gunjan.

Well, it will be interesting to see that, is this promo true or a mere dream of someone as Yug is not a person who can kill someone. Moreover many promos looks griping but some are misleading too.

Let’s see what happens next.

Will Rony get exposed in front of anyone? Will Kahani ever be able to prove herself innocent and save Lucky?

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