Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Gunjan Blames Rupa, Kahani speaks up for herself

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Gunjan Blames Rupa, Kahani speaks up for herself

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Rony in his selfishness has ruined many lives, his blackmailing made Kahani hurt Rupa, Yug and Rajputs. She became a bad person in everyone’s eyes.

In the current track viewers watched, that family got to know about Rupa giving her place to Kahani for Rony’s happiness. Whole family berated and slapped Rony many times. They tried to explain him the importance of marriage. Family also humiliated Kahani a lot.

Rony still remained adamant to his decision, which irked his family they tied him. Even after being tied his madness doesn’t stop, so to end all this issue Yug lit the mandap and filled Kahani’s hairline shocking everyone.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to watch that Yug will take Kahani in his arms and take wedding vows. But shocking will be this thing that Yug will not give Kahani the right to wear mangalsutra belonging to him and his family and insult her once again.

Whole family will be seen in shock especially Gunjan. Yug will challenge Rony to try laying eye on his own family’s younger daughter-in-law. Iravati will faint with weakness. Everyone will take her to her room. Doctor will ask them to give her the same medicines as before.

Gunjan will get angry on Rupa. She will blame her for all her miseries from childhood. Their father will get emotional seeing his daughter’s fighting. Gunjan will lash at Rupa and push her on the floor saying she hates her.

On the other Kahani will get angry on Rony and try to explain him that Rupa is the best wife for him, but he will still not accept it. On Kahani’s insistence Rony will ask his men to drop Lucky and Rani at their house safely. Gunjan will reach Kahani and pull her in front havan kund trying to burn her in anger. Rony will try to stop Gunjan, till then family will also come there and stop Gunjan’s madness.

Gunjan will lash at Kahani and talk harsh with her. She will humiliate Kahani and blame her for everything. Kahani will now loose her patience and back lash at whole family. She will take a strong stand for herself and reveal the actual truth. She will tell them all about Rony’s blackmailing, but Rony will refuse all allegations made by Kahani. Whole family will look shocked hearing Kahani’s side of story and get confused who to believe?

We in our earlier reports already informed you that Iravati will not accept whatever happened, and will tell Kahani that she cannot go away like this, as “daughter-in-law’s come in Palanquin (Doli) and go back on Bier (Arthi). She will then shoot Kahani on her arm.

If sources are to be believed, Yug will provide Kahani the aid after her being shot. Here are some new pictures from the upcoming track that we have got our hands on. These pictures indicates that viewers will soon get to see romantic or close moments between newlywed Yug and Kahani. See below:

Will anyone believe Kahani’s truth? Will Yug find his way to the actual truth? Will Gunjan reconcile with Rupa? Is this the start of Yug and Kahani’s love story?

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