Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani fails to reveal the truth to Rupa

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Kahani is stuck in dilemma and guilt. Because of Rony, she is hurting Rupa by coming in between her married life. She has become a bad person in everyone’s eyes especially Yug. Yug is also getting hurt in process to stop Rony and Kahani. Now Kahani has to save Lucky and Rani anyhow.

In the current track viewers watched Rony exposed himself in front of Rupa and in turn the latter blamed Kahani for her misery unaware of the truth. She also tried to commit suicide but got saved by Yug. Now Rupa has decided that she wants Rony’s happiness. Therefore, she made a plan to get Kahani and Rony married on the same date as Yuga and Gunjan.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to watch that Rupa will execute her plan to make Kahani to do all the wedding ceremonies in her place without anybody’s knowledge. Where Gunjan, Saroj and Iravati will excitedly prepare for marriage, Rupa will make Kahani wear the same yellow saree as she will be wearing in the Haldi Ceremony. Kahani will feel guilty and try to reveal the truth to Rupa but Rony will come and stop her by blackmailing her in silence.

Yug and Kahani will also have some rough moments. Yug will get mesmerized by looking at Kahani and imagine some romantic moments with her.  After which he will lock her and warn her to come outside only when called to dance. Both Kahani and Rupa will get locked, but fortunately Gunjan will open their door and talk harsh with Kahani. Rupa will stop her and help Gunjan get ready for Haldi ceremony.

Saroj will go to Rupa’s room and will take both Gunjan and Rupa with her but Rupa will somehow replace Kahani with her in Ghungat. Both Brides will sit at their places. While Yug will be happy thinking he finished Rony and Kahani’s game, Rony will be on the moon knowing Rupa sent Kahani in her place.

According to sources Yug at Haldi ceremony will once again imagine romantic moment with Kahani (Applying Haldi to her). There will also be a pool scene in the Haldi ceremony where viewers will get to see Kahani fainted in Yug’s arms inside the pool.

Will this also be an imagination or Kahani will slip in the pool or someone will recognize her and throw her in the pool?  Is Yug falling in love with Kahani? How will Kahani and Yug end up marrying each other? Will Kahani’s innocence be known to anyone ever? How will Kahani save Rani and Lucky?

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