Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Kahani to declare herself as Yug’s wife and Rajput’s daughter-in-law, See New Promo

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler Kahani to declare herself as Yug’s wife and Rajput’s daughter-in-law, See New Promo

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness a huge twist in the upcoming episodes. This new twist will rejoice viewers as now they will witness new life of Yug and Kahani as a married couple. Viewers will get to watch Yug and Kahani’s love-hate marriage relationship in the episodes ahead.

In the current track viewers watched, that Yug married Kahani to save Rupa and Rony’s married life. This step of Yug broke Gunjan to the core, who in anger accused Rupa and Kahani for her misery. She even tried to harm Kahani. Kahani lost her patience and reveal Rony and Yug’s truth before the family. But everyone refused to believe her as she blamed Yug too.

Iravati in anger tried to kill Kahani by shooting her but Kahani in return didn’t file any case against her. Rajputs asked Kahani to stay till she heals. This decision of family left Dadi, Gunjan and Iravati fuming.

In the episodes ahead Rupa and Yug will talk about what happened presently. Everybody will then gather in Hall seeing Gunjan’s weird behaviour “she will be seen preparing for her grah pravesh”. She will say that Yug married Kahani due to helplessness, now he will marry her.

Saroj, Juhi and Rupa will be seen agreeing on Kahani and Yug’s marriage, while Dadi, Gunjan and Iravati will deny to accept Kahani as daughter-in-law of Rajputs. These three woman will be seen insulting Kahani when Kahani will come and give them a stern reply and tell them she do not want anything from them and walk towards house exit. Seeing Kahani exit, Iravati, Gunjan and Rony will smirk.

Yug will see Rony’s expecting and lustful eyes on Kahani and once again to keep his Bhabhi Maa’s relation safe, he will stop Kahani from going. He will take her to his room forcefully and in between unknowingly fulfill Kahani’s Grah Pravesh ritual, shocking everyone. He will lock the door from inside scaring Kahani. He will call Kahani’s tears and fear fake and also tie her on bed to stop her leaving his house. He will tell her that she will have to be his wife in family, society and Rony’s eyes.

On one side Saroj will break down while scolding Rony. On the other side Iravati will get angry seeing Gunjan’s break down. Yug will apologize to Gunjan for his doing. Iravati will decide to hypnotize Yug once again after next Amavasya to kill Kahani.

We have got our hands on the latest/new promo of “Namak Issk Ka”, this promo shows Kahani dressed up in heavy jewellery and Saree, filling her hairline with Vermilion (Sindoor). Iravati comes and say “ek nacne waali ko mai apne ghar ki bahu kabhi nahi maan sakti (She will never accept a dancer as her daughter-in-law)”. Yug also reach there and Kahani says “Hum Yug Babu Ki Patni hain aur iss ghar ki bahu, ye sach koi nahi badal sakta, himmat ahi to aazma lein (She is Yug’s wife and this house’s daughter-in-law, no one can change this truth, try if you dare)”. See Promo:

Further sources inform that Yug will get injured in upcoming episodes. Lead actor Aditya Ojha also informed of something exciting coming up through posts on his Instagram profile, with a picture he wrote, “Selfie after a long long time… Exciting stuff coming up…” “The Best is yet to come…”. Lead actress Shruti Sharma also thanked her fans with show’s lead couple’s picture and wrote “Thankyou for showering your love on us guys❤…☺”. See some upcoming looks of Yug:

Well now it will be worth to watch that how Kahani and Yug’s love-hate relationship will transform into pure love.

Why even after initially refusing Kahani will declare herself as Yug’s wife and Rajput’s daughter-in-law? Is Kahani doing this to get rid of Roy’s evilness or because of Yug’s wish? Will Gunjan become negative like her mother Iravati? Will Saroj accept Kahani as her daughter-in-law anytime soon? How will Yug get injured?

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