Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Patanga informs Iravati about Rony and Rupa’s divorce

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Patanga informs Iravati about Rony and Rupa’s divorce

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Kahani is stuck in dilemma and guilt. Because of Rony, she is hurting Rupa by coming in between her married life. She has become a bad person in everyone’s eyes especially Yug. Yug is also getting hurt in process to stop Rony and Kahani. Now Kahani has to save Lucky and Rani anyhow.

In the current track, viewers watched how Kahani cried and hit Rony for blackmailing and scaring her keeping the blood dolls similar to Lucky and Rani. Rupa almost heard them and got suspicious of Rony. On Rony’s blackmail, Kahani twisted whatever she said to Rony in anger and fear.

In the upcoming track, viewers will get to watch that Yug and Rony’s grandmother will get her hands on Rony and Rupa’s divorce papers. She will throw them on Iravati’s face and taunt her that being living in her daughter’s sasural, is she aware of what is going on in her daughter’s married life. Iravati gets shocked to see Rupa and Rony’s divorce papers.

Everyone else also get shocked and throw questions on Rupa. Rupa saves Rony by revealing that those papers are old and she wanted divorce from Rony. She lies that she wanted divorce because she got suspicious of Rony being in affair with someone. Rony also acts considering the situation and Iravati’s sudden attack on him, which Rupa stopped.

Yug tears the divorce papers, everyone believes them and goes. Yug stops Rony and ask him various questions. Rony gives him twisted answers to make Yug believe whatever Rupa told. Iravati in anger walks and gets stopped by Patanga. He tries to tell her about Rupa and Rony’s divorce papers, she tells him that everyone got know about them and they were old.

Patanga clears her doubts and says that the papers were not old as Rupa signed them after Haldi ceremony, He also tells how Rony kidnapped him. Iravati gets angry and ask him to not tell anybody and act like unconscious and kidnapped. Patanga agrees to act. Rony visits Patanga to get a look at him. He thinks Patanga is unconscious blurts some more of his secrets, that the papers Yug tore were just a copy. Patanga in his minds says, you (Rony) wait now Iravati will handle you. Grandmother talks to Saroj tell her that if a man (Husband) gets involved in affair outside, then it’s the women’s (Wife) fault not man.

Who will marry who in the upcoming wedding track in Namak Issk Ka? What will be Iravati’s next step after knowing the real truth? Will Yug find that Kahani is innocent? How will Kahani save Rani and Lucky? What will happen when Iravati will get to know that Rony loves Kahani?

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