Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Ravikant finds out Kahani is his daughter, Iravati manipulates Gunjan

Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Ravikant finds out Kahani is his daughter, Iravati manipulates Gunjan
Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Ravikant finds out Kahani is his daughter, Iravati manipulates Gunjan

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness a huge twist in the upcoming episodes. This new twist will rejoice viewers as now they will witness new life of Yug and Kahani as a married couple. Viewers will get to watch Yug and Kahani’s love-hate marriage relationship in the episodes ahead.

In the current track viewers watched that Yug broke Gunjan’s heart by marrying Kahani to save Rupa and Rony’s marriage. He warned Kahani that she can’t go away from his house and they will be Husband wife in world’s especially Rony’s eyes. Gunjan broke down, which irked Iravati. Even Dadi took an opportunity and taunted Saroj for thinking about accepting Kahani. Kahani on the other side got to know that Yug is her childhood friend.

In the upcoming episode, Gunjan will be seen getting angry on Iravati and revealing her that’s she was the one who was trying to make her confess her crime of attempting to kill her father Ravikant in the past. Iravati will then be seen manipulating Gunjan against Ravikant and in her own favour. She will show her Ravikant’s old photo with Gayatri and their daughter and say he was going to leave his family for these mother-daughter.

Gunjan will get angry on Ravikant and talk harshly with him, which will bring tears in his eyes. He will fail to tell her the truth due to his illness and they will leave with angry and disappointed look. Yug will carry sleeping Kahani to his room from house temple. Saroj will be seen preparing for new daughter-in-law’s munh dikhayi ritual for which dolly will give her the god blessed red chunri. Chunri will by mistake slip from Saroj’s hand and fall on Yug and Kahani. This will relax Saroj as she will take it as god’s sign and accept Kahani as her daughter-in-law.

Yug and Kahani will once again have a confrontation and Kahani will tell him to not to interfere in her life as both of them doesn’t believe in their marriage. She will leave the room with a cute smile. Kahani will go to Ravikant nd enquire about her father. Ravikant will shock hearing her story and cry finding out that Kahani is his and Gayatri’s daughter. Both Father and daughter will cry in each other’s support.

In the hall, Iravati, Dadi Maa and Gunjan will make an issue seeing Saroj’s acceptance towards Kahani. They will get angry on Saroj for preparing for Kahani’s Munh Dikhayi an insult Kahani again and again. Hearing her insult and harsh words Kahani will run away from hall upset.

As we already informed in our earlier reports, Dadi Maa will further insult Saroj for accepting a dancer as her Daughter in law. She will scream and say, “You accepted a dancer as your daughter-in-law, now i will make my daughter-in-law a dancer” and will throw ghungroos towards her and ask her to wear them. Yug will get angry seeing and hearing this.

We also shared a new promo of Namak Issk Ka, which showed Kahani dressed up in heavy jewellery and saree, she declares herself as Yug’s wife and Rajputs’ daughter-in-law. She also challenges that nobody can change this truth, irking Iravati.

We also want to share that Namak Issk Ka has completed 50 episodes. Cast and Crew celebrated it on sets.

Will Ravikant be able to overcome his illness and reveal Iravati’s truth? Will Kahani and Ravikant get togther against Iravati? Will Gunjan and Iravati make Kahani’s stay difficult Rajput house? When will Yug get to know that Kahani s his childhood friend? Is Kahani falling for Yug?

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