Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Rupa’s Shocking Move, Kahani and Yug’s lovey-dovey moments

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Rupa’s Shocking Move, Kahani and Yug’s lovey-dovey moments

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Namak Issk Ka is witnessing High Voltage Drama, where whole family of Yug and Gunjan are unaware of Ronny’s bad deeds. Yug is the only one aware of everything but he doesn’t know that Kahani is very much innocent in all this and helpless to ask for anybody’s help. Now in the upcoming episodes story will take a huge turn that will change lives of many people in the show.

In the current track viewers watched, that Rony and Kahani’s affair gets exposed in front of Rupa. Unaware of Kahani’s innocence Rupa blames her for her broken marriage and cries. Rupa even tries committing suicide, but Yug saved her on time. Initially Yug accused Kahani for Rupa’s suicide attempt and hurt her a lot. But when Rupa tried to keep her pain hidden and lied to everyone about her suicide attempt, Yug realized that Kahani was not at fault that time. He followed her and held her in his arms when he saw her fainting on streets/road. He took her to her home and bandaged her wound.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to see that Rupa will ask Yug to promise her that he will bring Kahani to their home. Yug will give Kahani some money and take her with him to his house. Everybody will get angry on him, but Rupa will come in between and tell that she asked Yug to bring Kahani with him.

She will also tell everyone that she will marry Rony again on Yug and Gunjan’s marriage day only and Kahani will dance on the marriage day as well as all functions as she saved her once and also needs money. Everyone will agree at her insistence. Kahani in anger will dance in her room and Yug will save her from getting hurt, but afterwards will say some harsh words to Kahani hurting her heart. Rupa will meet Kahani and Rony in a room and give Kahani all the bridal things. She will tell them that she will make them marry for Rony’s happiness.

If sources are to be believed, there will be many romantic and cute moments between Kahani and Yug in all the marriage ceremonies and both of them will end up marrying each other. Here have a look at some upcoming romantic scenes of Yug and Kahani:

Yuhani Romantic Moments

As per sources, Yug will get to know about Rupa’s sacrifice and therefore to save his Bhabhi Maa’s marriage he will marry Kahani.
All this will surely be worth watching. How will Gunjan react after getting ditched by Yug and Kahani? What will Saroj and Rupa do? What will be Iravati and Rony’s next step after Yug and Kahani’s marriage? Will Kahani reveal Rony’s bad deeds in front of everyone to save Lucky?
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