Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Will Yug marry Kahani?

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Will Yug marry Kahani?

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Namak Issk Ka is witnessing High Voltage Drama, where whole family of Yug and Gunjan are unaware of Ronny’s bad deeds. Yug is the only one aware of everything but he doesn’t know that Kahani is very much innocent in all this and helpless to ask for anybody’s help. Now in the upcoming episodes story will take a huge turn that will change lives of many people in the show.

In the current track viewers watched how Rupa gets to know about Rony ditching her with Kahani. As she is not aware of whole truth she blames Kahani for breaking her marriage and house making the latter guiltier. Rony scolds her so hard with harsh words that she breaks down and cry a lot. She once again try to make Rony understand their relation but he will stay adamant to his choice.

Everybody seems tensed thinking about Kahani ruining Gunjan’s marriage ceremonies and Rupa’s condition. Gunjan is worried for both her marriage with Yug and thinking how to bring out Iravati’s truth. On the other side Kahani and Yug are both tensed by Rony’s behaviour and stubbornness to marry Kahani. Yug is doing everything in his hand to keep his Rupa Bhabhi away from truth and getting hurt. After his argument over deal with Rony, he reaches Kahani house warn her but instead he gets angry and hurt Kahani seeing Weeding outfit, sindoor and mangalsutra sent by Rony.

On the other side Gunjan in tension and anger hurts herself with knife. Everybody gets worried seeing her wound. After some time Rupa reaches home broken, family in tension goes after. Rupa suddenly faint but Ronny handles her and the situation. After all this Rupa also tries to commit suicide but Yug saves her on time.

In further episodes to come, viewers will get to see that Yug will confront Rony over Rupa’s suicide attempt but will stop as Gunjan will come in between expressing her fear and tension over Rupa and Family’s condition. Yug will see Kahani outside his house. He will confront and hurt her wound. She will tell that she came to see Rupa Bhabhi’s condition. He will make her aware about Rupa’s suicide attempt.

Rupa will get conscious and make some moon ritual excuse for Gunjan and Yug’s marriage. Kahani will take an exit from Yug’s house. As it is known Yug is a kind-hearted person and feels dome connection with Kahani, he will follow her on the streets and catch her before she faints from blood loss and pain.

He will pick her up and drop her home. At Kahani’s home Yug will apply medicine on her wounds and change her bandage. He will feel guilty for hurting her after hearing his Bhabhi Maa’s truth, when for the first time she lied to save her family from getting hurt. Yug will assure Kahani’s sister of her well-being. At Yug’s house, Harsh (Rupa’s son) will come to her room running and ask about her condition. Both mother-son will sleep together. Rony will get confused thinking why Rupa didn’t tell anyone about him and Kahani.

Will Yug marry Kahani to save Rupa’s married life? Will Kahani be able tell her helplessness to Yug? What will be family’s reaction to Yug and Kahani’s marriage? Will Yug ever realize Kahani’s innocence? Will Gunjan be able to expose Iravati’s truth?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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