Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to expose Rony and Kahani in front of Family

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to expose Rony and Kahani in front of Family

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Kahani is stuck in dilemma and guilt. Because of Rony, she is hurting Rupa by coming in between her married life. She has become a bad person in everyone’s eyes especially Yug. Yug is also getting hurt in process to stop Rony and Kahani. Now Kahani has to save Lucky and Rani anyhow.

In the current track viewers watched, how Iravati kidnapped Kahani and made Rupa sit in her place. She also ordered goons to bury Kahani alive. Rupa in fear of Kahani’s life acted to faint and delayed both marriages. She took Yug’s help, who saved Kahani and got restless seeing her condition. He dropped Kahani to her own to get rid of any more drama in his Rupa’s life.

Due to Iravati’s black magic Yug attacked Kahani and left her tied in the burning house. Kahani being unaware of Iravati’s black magic got shocked to see Yug’s this behaviour. She thus decided to become stronger and sacrifice herself for Rania nd Lucky. She reached Yug’s house and made dance excuse.

In the episodes ahead, Kahaani nd Rupa will manage to replace each other. Rony will get happy with all the progress in his plan. He will get excited and start romantic talk with Kahani in his room. Yug will hear and see them and get shocked that Rupa herself helped them in getting married.

Everybody will get ready for marriage ceremony as Kaal Yog will get over, but Yug will be seen missing from there. Iravati will also be missing from wedding because she will be in pain due to black magic she did on Yug to kill Kahani. Yug will see her in pain and try to help her. Iravati will ask Yug for his help to stop Rony and Kahani’s marriage.

Yug will then be seen confronting Rupa silently for helping Rony and Kahani. She will look at Yug helpless and cry. In the next scene Yug will come with Rupa in veil, everybody will get shocked to see another bride and ask Yug who she is? Yug will shock everyone by unfolding Rupa’s veil. Family members will then ask who is sitting in mandap with Rony. Yug will once again shock everyone by unfolding Kahani’s veil. Family member will get angry on Rupa, Kahani and Rony and put various questions before them. Yug will one more time shock everyone by telling his family that Rony and Kahani love each other and Rupa was going to sacrifice her Vermilion for them. He will humiliate Kahani a lot in front of everyone.

In our earlier reports, we already shared the new promo of Namak Issk Ka, in which Yug is seen forcefully filling Kahani’s hairline and promising her to ruin her life. See below:

Will Kahani spit out Rony’s reality before Rajput family to save Rani and Lucky? Will Yug ever get to know about Kahani’s innocence? Will Rony put all blame on Kahani in order save himself? Will Rupa accept Rony again? How will Gunjan handle Yug and Kahani’s marriage? Will she get negative?

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