Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug to grab Rony’s Collar on his Crime Confession, New Promo

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges after their marriage. Kahani got to know about Yug’s innocence and Iravati’s evil black magic truth.

In the last episode, Kahani asked money from Yug for Rani and Lucky’s food, but Yug insulted her by giving Gunjan his money and referring her as his wife. Saroj slapped and threatened Rony for misbehaving with Rupa in guise of being her husband.

Kahani refused to money offered by Yug and left to earn for Rani and Lucky’ food. She danced on road for some money but some goons tried harassing her. She pushed them away and ran away landing into Yug’s arms.

In the upcoming episode, Kahani will be seen asking Yug’s help to get saved from goons. Yug will fight the goons and get injured on his arm in between. While beating goons he will taunt dancers and also scold goons for ignoring their families. Kahani and people will make Yug stop beating goons.

Yug will play the music and ask Kahani to dance. She will faint while dancing and murmur that she didn’t broke anyone’s house, Rony kidnapped Lucky and Rani. Yug will pick up Kahani and take her to hospital.

While doctor and Nurse will reprimand Yug for not taking care of Kahani. Saroj will be seen tensed about hungry Yug. Rupa will ask her to tell Iravati that Yug ate food. Yug will talk to unconscious Kahani, he will say that this would not have happened if she had taken money from him.

Lucky’s health will get deteriorated due to hunger. Seeing the kids condition Patanga will get them food. Iravati will catch him and slap hard. She will threaten them to not show sympathy on Lucky and Rani.

While Rani will beg from every family member to at least give Lucky some food, Kahani will get consciousness and run from Hospital. The tea shop owner will give Kahani the money which was collected from her dance.

Saroj, Daadi and Rupa will show some sympathy on Lucky and Rani but Iravati will not allow them to give the kids food and even Salt and Sugar. Kahani and Yug will reach home and get shocked to see unconscious Lucky. Kahani will make Lucky and Rani drink some juice and eat sandwiches.

Kahani will get and angry on everyone and tell them they all have lost humanity today. Iravati will refuse to give food and answers to Kahani and her siblings. Yug will interrupt and say she will have to answer his questions.

Colors a few hours ago released New Promo of Namak Issk Ka, which showed that Rony himself confesses that he forced Kahani to marry him by kidnapping her siblings. Yug grabbed Rony’s collar and saw Kahani in front of him. A background voice says, “Ab kya modd lega Yug aur Kahani (Chamcham) ka rishta”. See Promo:

What will make Rony confess his crimes? Will Rony’s confession bring Kahani and Yug closer? Will Yug punish Rony for his crimes? Will Yug still send Kahani, Lucky and Rani to London? What will be family’s reaction on Rony’s confession? Will Kahani get to know about her and Ravikant’s relation before it gets too late?

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