Namak Issk Ka: Suraiya to fail in separating Yug and Kahani

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Colors TV popular show Namak Issk Ka’s is witnessing Saroj’s trials to separate Yug and Kahani. Gunjan is becoming obsessive day by day. With Gunjan’s obsession, love between Kahani and Yug is also growing stronger. It will be interesting to see how Yug and Kahani’s love will cross all the hurdles in their way and win.

In the last episode, Saroj went to Suraiya Begum. She asked her help to separate Yug and Kahani. Suraiya agreed seeing lot of money. Other side, obsessed Gunjan searched for Yug in whole house, while Yug was busy in spending quality time with Kahani.

Saroj caught Yug hiding from Gunjan and warned him to save his family before everything gets ruined. Next Suraiya called Kahani to meet her and even called Yug to save Kahani by meeting her.

In the upcoming episode, Yug in worry for Kahani’s will reach Suraiya’s house. Kahani will too reach there. Suraiya will reveal to Yug that she is the dancer who snatched his father from his family.

Yug in anger will attack Suraiya but Kahani will stop him on time. Suraiya will compare herself and Kahani. Yug will refuse to believe that Kahani is same as Suraiya.

Suraiya will give Yug a book of hers in which story of dancers and their lovers is written. She will ask Kahani to take revenge from Raunak not Yug. Yug and Kahani will get shocked hearing that Suraiya knows everything about them.

Suraiya will make Kahani and Yug realize that nobody will accept their relationship or their kids in future. Suraiya will also give Kahani and Yug a hint that someone from their family gave her money to explain them to get separated.

Kahani will get scared thinking about Suraiya’s words and she will also tell Yug that nobody accepts or will accept their relationship and kids in future. Yug will ask Suraiya to write his and Kahani’s name as lovers in her book’s lovers list. He will also tell that love can give a dancer respect.

Yug will reveal that his father left Suraiya too because they never loved each other. Suraiya in anger will keep Yug captive and ask Kahani to prove her love by walking on glass pieces. Kahani and Yug both will prove their love by walking on glass pieces.

Suraiya will let them go and inform Saroj that she failed to separate Yug and Kahani. She will also tell Saroj that she failed because, Yug and Kahani are bonded together by love instead of greed. Saroj will still not understand Yug and Kahani’s love and will still plan to separate them.

As per information from sources, Namak Issk Ka Cast has reached Ramoji film city Hyderabad to continue their shoot. Sources also inform that Iravati will too return soon with a plan and powers to defeat Kahani.

When will Saroj understand that not Gunjan but Kahani is the right match for Yug? How will Yug get rid of Gunjan? What will be Saroj’s next plan?

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