Namak Issk Ka Upcoming: Yug to marry Kahani? Gunjan in Danger

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Namak Issk Ka Upcoming_ Yug to marry Kahani? Gunjan in Danger

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Current Track of Namak Issk Ka is focusing on Yug trying to stop Kahani and Rony’s marriage. Whereas Kahani just wants her adopted brother sister to get out of Rony and Constable’s clutches. Yug being unaware about Kahani’s situation and Rony’s blackmail think Kahani to be a bad women. Kahani in fear is unstoppable, so Yug kidnaps her. He tells her that she will remain held in old forest house till Rony gives up his idea of Marrying Kahani.

In coming episodes, viewers will get to watch that Kahani will be worried for Rani and Lucky. She will try to run from the locked old house but Yug will come in between, they will have a little fight with each other. Kahani to get rid of Yug will hit him with a tube light. Yug will get unconscious and Kahani will make a run from there. Before she could run from there, the old house will catch fire. Kahani will get in dilemma what to do. Being a kind-hearted person she will save unconscious Yug from burning house.

Kahani will try to escape but Yug will get some consciousness and stop her by using handcuff. He will shock Kahani by throwing them Handcuff key away. Rony will be seen tracking Kahani and Yug and he will reach same forest where Kahani and Yug are. On the other hand Gunjan is trying her best to collect proofs against Iravati and her crimes. Iravati too is trying to find and kill the person blackmailing her and has some proofs against her. She once again will start using black magic to get rid of the women blackmailing her, which will put Gunjan in danger.

In further episodes to come, viewers will see that Rony will reach unconscious Yug and Kahani. He will try to take away Kahani with him. Namak Issk Ka actress Sheetal Tiwari aka Gunjan recently on her Instagram story posted a video from sets with co-actor Shruti Sharma aka Kahani. According this video Gunjan will soon get Kahani arrested. The reason is not yet revealed but maybe she will do this to make her away her from her family.

In earlier report we informed viewers that Kahani and Yug will soon get married as per the initial promos and the storyline seems moving towards the same thing.

Will Gunjan be able to expose her mother? Will Yug get to know Kahani being a nice person? Will Rony get exposed soon?

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