Namak Issk Ka Upcoming: Yug to save Kahani from Police, Gunjan feels Guilty

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Namak Issk Ka Upcoming: Yug to save Kahani from Police, Gunjan feels Guilty

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In the current track of Namak Issk Ka, Viewers watched Kahani’s kidnapping. Yug kidnapped Kahani and held her captive in an old house to stop her and Rony’s marriage. Kahani fights off Yug to escape and save Lucky by marrying Rony. On the side Rony also searches for Kahani. Gunjan escapes an accident with the help of Patanga’s wife. Yug and Kahani both of them gets hurt and little unconscious in the forest.

In the upcoming episodes, Rony will track Yug and Kahaani. He will reach forest to find Yug and Kahani disappeared. Kahaani will somehow make Yug unconscious with the help of medicinal leaf. Rony will come with key and open Kahani and Yug’s Handcuff. He will speak some ill words which will make Kahani angry and she will slap him, he will not stop there and continue with his ill words. Kahani will get angry and slap him no-stop injuring him. He will then get angry and ask her if she has fallen for Yug, as Yug hates dancers. Kahani will reminisce Yug’s harsh words.

Rony will go to get car. Yug in unconscious state will stop Kahani and says he doesn’t believe she is breaking his Bhabhi Maa’s home. This will make Kahani guilty. Rony and Kahani will then escape Forest and reach international airport. Yug will get angry seeing Kahani and Rony disappeared. Doctor will arrive at Yug’s home and check Iravati. He will tell family that her blood pressure got much low and nerves are also slow. At the same time Gunjan and Patanga’s wife will reach home. Everybody will get worried about Gunjan’s wounds and tell her about Iravati’s condition.

Kahani will ask Rony why are they at international airport. He will reply her that they will first go to Bangkok and then Canada. Yug will reach there, in Rony’s absence he will say harsh words to Kahani and tell her she should actually be there, where she is going. Kahani will get hurt hearing all that and move away from him. On other side Gunjan will feel guilty and cry in front of her father. She will apologize to him for failing in exposing Iravati. She will ensure him that she will once again try after some days.

Information about Yug and Kahani’s marriage we already gave you in our last report. As per sources in further episodes viewers will see that Kahani will get arrested by police. Yug will save her in Rony’s getup.

Well let’s see, will Yug ever be able to realize Kahani’s truth? How will Kahani save Lucky and Rani from Rony? What will be Rony’s next step? Will Iravati get to know about Gunjan being her new enemy?

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